Which Questions Must You Ask a Financial Recruiter in a Phone Call?

As a skilled accounting or finance professional, you’re most likely receiving phone calls from recruiters. Whether you’re looking to change positions or keep the role you have, you need to be prepared to talk with recruiters. Even if you don’t want their services now, you may change your mind in the future. Here are four questions you should ask when a recruiter calls.

What Are the Three Main Qualifications the Company Is Looking For?

Determine whether you’re qualified for the role so you can decide whether to continue the conversation. Although the recruiter most likely has a list of desired skills and experience, candidates typically need to possess only three or four main ones. If you lack in any of those areas, let the recruiter know. Also, if you’re looking for a different position, mention what type of work you’d like and your qualifications. The recruiter may be able to discuss a more suitable opportunity with you.

What Is the Job Description?

You need to ensure the role fits your interests and adds to your skill set. Also, make sure you can fulfill the job responsibilities each day and have room for advancement within the organization.

Are You Working Exclusively With This Employer?

Uncover how far the recruiter is in their search and how likely you may be to get the position. If the recruiter is the only one asked to fill the role, you have a greater chance of having your resume reviewed by the hiring manager. However, if the recruiter shares the placement with others, the odds of having your resume seen are reduced. As a result, you’ll need to invest more time following up with the recruiter to determine where you’re at in the process. Also, the hiring process may take longer because there are more resumes to review and candidates to interview.

Why Is the Job Available?

The previous employee may have been promoted, or the position may have high turnover. Find out how long the position has been vacant. If it hasn’t been long, or you’re the first candidate to interview, you may have to wait a while as the hiring manager meets with other candidates. If the role has been vacant a while, determine what didn’t work with the candidates who interviewed. You’ll know whether you have a better chance of being offered the role. In addition, find out the longevity of the rest of the team. Determine approximately how long each member remains in their role and advances in or leaves the organization. You’ll gain an idea of what path you may take with the company.

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