Should I Hire Someone Who’s Always Been a Temporary Employee?

When you come across a resume from an accounting or finance professional who’s worked only temporary positions, you might dismiss the candidate as not being focused or serious about having a regular job. However, it’s in your company’s best interest to stop and consider what knowledge, skills, and experience the candidate may have gained from their time with each employer. Odds are the candidate has exactly what you need to fill your open role. Here are four reasons why.

They Fill Skills Gaps

Temporary employees can fill the skills gaps in your organization. These short-term workers deal with short-term problems while nurturing long-term solutions in practically every industry and field. Temporary employees can fill staffing needs that other workers cannot. This is especially important when you don’t have time to find qualified candidates to complete a project or fill a niche position. Because an experienced temp already demonstrated they have the skills and experience necessary to excel in a role, they’ll be able to add value to your organization.

They Enjoy Their Work

Temporary employees are passionate about what they do. They enjoy having opportunities to grow and build their career. Because temps have to prove themselves every time they start working at a new company, their motivation level and willingness to go the extra mile are high. Temporary employees know how to set and achieve individual and team goals that add value to an organization. Even if they don’t have the exact hard skills needed to excel in your open position, temps’ desire to learn can make them well-qualified to fill the role. You may be able to set a trial period to see how their passion translates into value for your company.

They Provide a Fresh Perspective

Temporary employees bring your organization ideas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Because they worked at a variety of companies, temps may be able to take on additional projects while fulfilling their main responsibilities. For instance, temporary employees could use their downtime to update your website or filing system. Or, you could ask them to complete other tasks related to their strengths and interests. The extra help you receive will be a welcome bonus.

They Quickly Onboard

Temporary employees know how to begin producing when working at a new company quickly. Their agility to learn job responsibilities and blend with culture makes them well equipped to begin benefitting the organization in less time than other workers. Requiring less time for onboarding and training means increased productivity and reaching business objectives.

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