Should I Accept an Interview Even if I’m Not Looking for a New Job?

Perhaps you have a quick commute, the most amazing boss ever, and absolutely love the work you do. Because you are happy with how your job is going, you may not want to even consider changing. Even so, remain open to the possibility of an even better opportunity coming your way. You will not know what might be unless you accept an interview even if you are not looking for a job. Here are some hidden benefits you could uncover.  

Expand Your Network 

The more interviews you accept, the greater your network expands. Having meaningful conversations with employers, recruiters and industry leaders means gaining access to one-on-one time you may not have received through a networking event or other circumstances. You gain the professional’s undivided attention as you discuss your job, employer, goals and the market. Even if you do not end up working for the company, by connecting with the individuals on LinkedIn and cultivating relationships, you set yourself up for future opportunities. 

Enhance Your Interview Skills 

Even an interview for a job that does not interest you provides practice for future interviews. Taking part in a variety of settings with different personalities and questions providevaluable exposure to help prepare meet with the company you want. Putting your extensive practice time into a real interview lets you test out your answers and figure out how to improve your performance. You are able to take inventory of what you do each day, what you have accomplished in your role, and what you would like to do next  

Gain Insider Information 

Every interview you participate in provides insider information on what employers are looking for. By focusing on the specific questions asked about your background and skills, you gain a sense of what is most important and what to talk about. Similarly, if an interviewer is confused by a specific part of your resume, you can update that section before sending it out. Plus, you learn information about how the company does things, such as what systems the team uses or how they have been dealing with recent changes in the field, you may be able to take back to your current role.   

Find Your Dream Job 

Going to ainterview may lead to your dream job. Perhaps the office is gorgeous, the colleagues amazing, and the vibe just what you are looking for. Even if the job description sounds less than thrilling, you may be able to perform work you love with a brilliant, fun-loving team. Or, even if the pay is not what you would like, you may able to give back to the community by working with a nonprofit organization.   

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