Generation Z – Are You Ready?!

Who Are They

Generation Z is now entering the workforce with the oldest of the group (born in 1996) just starting to graduate college. Gen Z is the most diverse group of any generation in the U.S. — 55% are Caucasian, 24% are Hispanic, 14% are African-American and 4% are Asian.

What They Believe In

Gen Z wants to be respected, appreciated, have organizations that support their growth and to have a clear understanding outlining the plan for their career. With strong technical skills and creativity, their focus is on jobs that are less automatable. Gen Z believes in fairness and equality for all genders, races, and orientation. They care about: 1) having impact, 2) workplace cultural values, and 3) growth opportunities. Gen Zers are entrepreneurship minded, will learn new skills on their own, but appreciates interpersonal communication mentorship.

Attracting Gen Z

  • 83% welcome you to connect with them before graduation to build a relationship.
  • Hire base on ability, not pedigree
  • Have a job landing page with video
  • Use an engaging application form
  • Have a 1 click apply – expects ease in applying for positions
  • Important to look at time to hire and reduce this
  • Have an authentic website using live photos and videos (not stock photos) of your team showing how your company is making a difference.
  • Make your application like a video game.
  • Show how your employees can achieve THEIR goals at your company
  • 8-second filter: Connect with Gen Z with images and videos versus a long LinkedIn InMail
  • Offer Micro-Internships

Where to find Gen Z talent online

Generation Z are digital natives and have been using the internet for 15 years. They put their stories out on Snapchat and Instagram, and are brand managers from an early age.

Digital Marketing

  • Handshake
  • HackerRank
  • Have an online presence on social media using online videos.
  • Top 8 social media sites from 2017 where Generation Z spends their time:

Facebook – 90%

YouTube – 71%

Snapchat – 71%

Instagram – 69%

LinkedIn – 49% (this number is decreasing)

Twitter 41%

Pinterest – 37%

Google – 27%

Generation Z is open-minded and adaptable. They are a generation of highly-educated, technologically-savvy, innovative thinkers. They look for solutions on their own. They set out to make things on their own.

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