5 Tips for Working with a Recruiter to Find a Great Hire When Time is of the Essence

Need to hire a great employee, like yesterday? It’s a candidate-driven market, which means it’s getting harder and taking longer to hire talent than ever before. At the same time, company human resource teams are shrinking and there are less people to conduct the tasks needed to recruit suitable candidates. What’s a company to do that needs to hire people right away? The solution is to partner with a staffing firm in Chicago.

A staffing agency has many advantages, including:

  1. The ability to reduce costs of hiring new employees because the agency absorbs all the upfront fees. From advertising and interviewing to background checks and drug screens, the temporary staffing agency you work with can handle all these details. Staffing agencies will screen the candidates originally and keep a database of options to pull from when your job opening meets the profile of their job candidates.  Staffing organizations have dedicated recruiters spending 100 percent of their time recruiting candidates!  When you are ready to hire, they are ready to provide candidates.
  2. The speed and efficiency at which talent can be found. Have a special hiring need? Staffing agencies can easily work with your company to get a profile of your ideal employee; then start the process of finding the right person for the job. All candidates are carefully screened and ready to start work on the day promised.
  3. An increased pool of talent for your company. Instead of hiring people just to replace others all the time, a staffing agency can support long-term growth of the company by bringing in talent that matches the culture of your organization. This network of talent is much larger than one a company can build alone.  It can be in the best interest of a company to cast its net wide to find the best job candidates and employees.
  4. Increased flexibility of staffing options. If your company needs immediate hires for a short-term project, a busy season or just to cover a large contract, the good news is that this is possible. Bring on some employees in a temp-to-hire position. Then you can choose to hire the best after a few weeks or months.
  5. Job Market Conditions.  Not sure your salary expectations for a position are accurate?  A recruiter specializing in accounting and finance positions can quickly tell you if your salary is in the correct range for the person you are trying to hire.  This feedback alone can save you time and energy when recruiting candidates.

These are just a few of the many reasons a temp-to-perm staffing agency and a team of recruiters can help support speedy hiring while providing your company with quality talent and cost-effective services.

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