Struggling to Get Applicants? Why You Need to Examine Your Hiring Process and How Long It Takes to Hear Back

Like many employers, you may be having difficulty filling your job openings. One of the reasons may be that you take too long to respond to candidates.

Regular follow-up throughout your hiring process is important. This may include letting candidates know you received their application, would like to schedule an interview or are considering offering them a job. It also involves what the next steps in the process are and when the candidate should expect to hear from you.

Discover why regular communication throughout your hiring process is an effective way to hire the best applicants.


Responding to each candidate shows you respect their time. Applying for a job takes a significant amount of research and decision-making. Expressing interest in working for your company says a great deal about your organization. Showing appreciation is important.

Realistically, you may be unable to personally respond to each candidate. As a result, you might want to automate your responses with your applicant tracking system (ATS). This helps provide a positive candidate experience.

Candidate Engagement

Top candidates have many employment options. Following up with them throughout your hiring process helps keep them engaged. This increases the odds that your best candidates will accept potential job offers from you.

Be sure to let each candidate know when they should expect to hear from you. Also, fulfill these expectations as much as possible. If you need to extend a timeframe, let each candidate know as soon as possible.

Candidate Experience

Effectively following up throughout your hiring process improves the candidate experience. This helps set your company apart from the competition. It also helps you hire more high-quality candidates.

Even if you’re not ready to provide a job offer, share with your most desirable candidates feedback on their interviews. This encourages them to want to work for your organization.

Talent Pipelines

The more you keep in contact with candidates, the more your talent pipelines remain filled. A candidate who has a positive experience with your company but isn’t offered a job may apply for a role in the future. They also might refer other candidates to your organization.

Employer Brand

Regular follow-up with each candidate enhances your employer brand. The more you communicate with candidates, the more positive your company’s reputation remains.

Many candidates post reviews on Glassdoor and other employer review sites. They’re likely to share positive reviews when you follow up on an ongoing basis. This encourages other candidates to apply to your organization.

Want Help Hiring?

If you’re not regularly following up with candidates, you may be having trouble filling your jobs. Ongoing communication with candidates promotes respect for their time, engagement in the hiring process, and a positive candidate experience. It also helps keep your talent pipeline full and your employer brand positive.

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7 Insider Tips on Getting the Right Candidate Hired!

When working with our clients and candidates to find the best person for the position, we are often made aware of how a great candidate can be lost in the process.  Here are 7 tips to make sure this does not happen to you!

1. Step up the interview process.  An outstanding candidate has been identified, so you have to move swiftly!  You do not want to lose the candidate to another company who has streamlined their processes to hire fast.  Only have the key decision makers involved, so the interview process does not get drawn out.

2. A resume does not tell all!  Not only do you need someone with the skills and expertise, but you also need someone who is a fit for your culture.  Do not prejudge a candidate based upon a resume only.  References can be very beneficial and can help with questions on culture.  Hire candidates that have done their research on the client company, prepare questions ahead of time and can provide added value answers to the interviewers’ questions.

3. Not sure the person will work out?   Many candidates are interested in starting out in a temporary position to determine if the role is the best fit for the candidate as well as the company.

4. Really need a full-time person to join your company?  Do not limit yourself to finding candidates using only the temporary to hire method for bringing people into your organization.  You will miss out on many great candidates who are currently working and are ready to make a job change.

5. Have knowledgeable people in charge of the hiring process even if you have to outsource to a staffing and search organization to do the recruiting for you.  Look for firms that specialize in the area you are recruiting for in your organization.

6. Competitive compensation:  Need we say more?  Ask the recruiters you work with to provide salary information to help you with compensation trends.

7. How is Your Employment Brand?  What is happening on Yelp and Glassdoor when you look up your organization?  Do you have great reviews?  Are you encouraging employees to review your organization?  Are your responding to any reviews that are not positive?

The key to success is always good people!  Matching highly skilled and competent professionals with equally competent and ethical employers will not only grow your business, it creates a great culture where people want to work!

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