7 Podcasts That Will Help You Land a Job

Have you been listening to podcasts to help land your next job? You can learn cover letter and resume tips, networking tricks, interview secrets, personal branding ideas and more. Take advantage of these podcasts to move closer to getting the role you want.

1. CareerCloud Radio

Do you want to brush up on the fundamentals of getting a job? Then subscribe to CareerCloud Radio. Gain insight into what to include on your resume, how to answer interview questions; how to negotiate salary; and other nuts and bolts of the job search. Guests include resume writers, career coaches, recruiters and job seekers. Be sure you listen to “Great Resumes and Good Advice.”

2. Career Relaunch

Are you transitioning to a new career? Gain the inspiration, help and motivation you need to get through up and down times during your transition. Host Joseph Liu, a career change and personal branding strategist, interviews professionals from all backgrounds who successfully transitioned between dramatically different roles. Don’t miss the episode “Making Your Next Career Move with Khai Yong.”

3. The Pitch

Similar to the TV show “Shark Tank,” The Pitch lets entrepreneurs share their ideas and potentially negotiate funding. Hear intriguing business ideas and learn how to sell someone on yours. A must-listen-to episode is “Shift.”

4. Manager Tools

Are you climbing the corporate ladder? Then subscribe to Manager Tools. Whether working toward your first management role or continuing to move up in the ranks, learn about performance reviews, coaching, office etiquette, delegation and other skills. Definitely catch “The Bridge Between Feedback and Coaching.”

 5. Sleep With Me

Do you need a good night’s sleep before an interview? The host rambles on about stories that grab your interest in the beginning but become drawn out until you fall asleep from boredom. Remember to listen to “Club Senseless.”

6. How Did You Get Into That

Do you need help mapping your career plan? Host Grant Baldwin interviews professionals with unique jobs to gain insight into how they got into them. Listen to fan favorite “How to Become a LEGO Master Builder with Chris Steininger.”

7. Side Hustle School

Whether you want to keep your side gig where it is or turn it into a full-time venture, learn the basics behind increasing your cash flow with a side gig. Host Chris Guillebeau interviews inventors, artists and entrepreneurs to see how they came up with their idea, overcame challenges, and received impressive results. Don’t miss the episode “Where to Find Hustle Ideas.”

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