Will a Hire Based on AI Last Longer Than a Human-Selected Hire?

In many cases, employees hired based on artificial intelligence (AI) last longer than employees hired on human-made decisions. Implementing AI in the hiring process can increase efficiency and lead to higher performing employees. However, there are issues with AI that need to be resolved before it becomes more heavily relied upon in the recruiting process.

Resume Sorting

Employers feed a system teaching sets and information, including resumes, performance reviews, work product and career paths, for top candidates competing for an open position. AI sifts through the information to match specific criteria, such as location and previous job title, ranks the information based on other desired traits and background information, and presents the information to a recruiter. Because poorly matched candidates are quickly eliminated, an employer can more efficiently meet with highly ranked candidates and decrease the time needed to hire.

Answering Candidate Questions

Chatbots can provide job seekers unadvertised information they need to know to determine whether they may be a good fit for both the company and a role. Chatbots can let candidates know whether their resume is still being considered, rather than the candidate not being responded to at all. Chatbots can reduce bias and unconscious discrimination in the interview process by objectively ranking information rather than making decisions based on an interviewer’s intuition.

Leveraging Video Technology

AI can be leveraged into video technology to evaluate a screening interview. An employer can analyze whether a candidate was comfortable during the interview, honest in what they said and gave quality answers to interview questions. The evaluation should be used with other methods to increase efficiency in the hiring process.

Customizing Algorithms

Each business needs to input specific skills, traits and expertise necessary to excel in a role. Unfortunately, most companies use the wrong algorithms, which contributes to a lack of diversity and inclusion and puts the company at a disadvantage. For example, because many companies include Ivy League degrees, employment with globally recognized companies and specific demographics and traits in their algorithms, a substantial number of highly qualified candidates are automatically eliminated from the hiring process. Also, because a significant number of employers want candidates with those characteristics, employers have a harder time hiring them, end up paying more to bring the on, and may not receive the results they want.

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