Temporary Or Direct Hire: How Should You Fill Your Vacant Position?

When there are open jobs to fill, and not enough suitable candidates around — companies often find it difficult to make a decision on how they will conduct their recruitment.

Do they make a direct hire or do they hire a temporary worker?

What are the differences and advantages of hiring temps vs. direct hires?

A direct hire will become a regular, full-time member of your staff, while a temporary worker will have a brief contract to work at your company. Which is better for your company? Make the determination after reading through the following article:

Making a Direct Hire

Companies that want to make a direct hire usually know how much time and money is involved in this move. If your company has just one or two open jobs to fill, it might make more sense to make a direct hire. If the open jobs are for top-level management, sometimes a temporary employee can fill in until the right candidate is hired to give you more time to make the best decision. When it comes to filling lower level, non-manager jobs, the company needs to weigh some pros and cons before making a hiring decision. Often, temp employees make better sense.

If your company needs to fill long-term jobs, then a direct hire is the best option. Often, companies will receive more loyalty and commitment from direct hires compared to temporary workers. Another benefit of making a direct hire is that companies will be approached by higher levels of talent compared to searching for temporary workers. This means that companies will be able to recruit talent who are currently working, which increases the number of candidates available to interview for the position when making direct hires.

Some cons of making direct hires include the time spent interviewing candidates and the investment required. Direct hires need to go through a vigorous interview process and if hired, need to be provided benefits and other perks from the company. Should the direct hire not work, the process begins again for the company. The lengthy hiring process can be a hindrance, so the quickness and speed of getting a temporary employee in place can be very beneficial when you need someone to work right now.

Making a Temporary Hire

When short-term jobs need to be filled at companies, it is a better idea to make a temporary hire. The main benefit of hiring a temporary worker is that their contract length is flexible. You tell the staffing firm how long you need an employee and the contract comes to an end when you say. It can be for, one week, one month, a couple of months, or a year.

Temporary workers are excellent for companies that need to increase and decrease their staffing levels quickly. For example, peak periods occur during various times of the year depending upon your business, so being able to “right size” your staff for these peak periods, gives your company more flexibility.

An excellent benefit of hiring a temporary worker is the fact that companies can bring them on full time if they succeed in what they do, fit within the culture and go above and beyond their job duties. The company does not need to tell the employee they are being evaluated for full-time work, which makes the situation even better.

The bottom line here is that companies need to make the final decision on which type of candidates to hire for their open jobs based on their needs at the time.

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The Importance of Proofreading Your Resume (and Other Crucial Adjustments)

When applying for a new job, candidates must do a handful of things to ensure that they make a positive first impression on potential employers. One of those things is sending in an outstanding resume. One critical step that must take place is proofreading the resume, to avoid any mistakes, grammatical errors, or other snafus that can cost a job.

As a job seeker, submitting just any old resume for a job could cause you to never hear back from the company. When you take the time to carefully proofread your resume, you vastly improve your chances of receiving a call for an interview. Remember, the main purpose of a resume is to get you that first interview opportunity! Let’s dig deeper into why it’s important to proof your resume and make any other crucial adjustments now.

How to Proofread Your Resume

The best way to proofread your resume is to read it aloud. When you read a document aloud, you are more prone to find any mistakes made in your grammar and punctuation. Have someone you trust proofread your resume as well in an effort to find any other issues that you might have missed. Once you proofread your resume, make sure you fix all of the mistakes found immediately. Another tip is to review your resume backwards to help catch misspellings on it.

Checking the Resume for Attractiveness

You might not think this is important, but it is vital to your success at finding a job. The resume must flow well and should not have any mismatched font types or font colors. Your resume needs to have a format that is very easy to read because employers do not have time to search the resume for your most important information. Typically, an employer wants to see a chronological resume listing your last position first.

Using Keywords Related to the Job Search

Your resume should use keywords that are related to your job search in order to get the attention of potential employers. Many companies use automated programs to sift through resumes submitted for open jobs, which is why keywords are just as important on a resume as they are when writing content for the Web. Do not over-stuff your resume with keywords because this will just be viewed as spamming. Make sure you include relevant skills that your new employer would be looking for in an employee. Does your resume match the job description of the position you are applying for to attack the interest of the hiring manager?

Focus on Clear Accomplishments

To secure a job interview and then an offer of employment, focus on your top accomplishments and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. You can do this by editing your job descriptions from passive wording to active wording. This will help you explain the accomplishments you enjoyed at previous jobs in your career. Quantify your successes and achievements either in money or time saved for the company or income brought into the organization.

Using the Most Relevant Job Info

Including your entire career story will not help on a resume, and you should select information that’s relevant to that job posting. You do not need to include jobs from right out of college if you have been in the working world for more than 10 years. Instead of worrying about how long your resume is, you should be focused on the relevance of your resume when proofreading it.

Proofreading your resume is an important part of the job search process. If you submit a resume that is full of mistakes, there’s a strong likelihood that you will never hear from an employer again.

Casey Resources provides a number of services for clients and candidates to be successful in their job search. Contact a leading staffing firm in Chicago to learn more  today.

Featured Accounting Talent

Casey Resources, one of the top finance and recruiting agencies in Chicago, currently has several outstanding candidates.  Here is a sample of some of the top talent currently available.   Contact Casey Accounting & Finance Resources today and let us place the right accounting and finance worker with your company!


  • Areas of Expertise: Annette is a CPA with Strong SAP system experience.
  • Noteworthy: Expertise includes preparing financial statements, month-end close, consolidations. Excel skills include: pivot tables and v lookups.
  • Position of interest: Senior Accountant Role
  • Available for: Temporary, Temporary to Hire and Direct Hire opportunities.
  • Location: McHenry County, Lake County and Elgin/Schaumburg area


  • Areas of Expertise: Justin is a MBA with about 3 years experience
  • Noteworthy: Expertise includes financial consolidations of multiple entities, in-depth reporting and presenting financial information to executives, developing budgets and forecasts. Strong user of Cognos and Excel
  • Position of interest: Senior Financial Analyst Role
  • Available for: Direct Hire opportunities.
  • Location: Flexible


  • Areas of Expertise: Michelle has 5+ years of small manufacturing company experience as Accounting Manager.
  • Noteworthy: She has supervised multiple employees and been responsible for all accounting functions. Direct responsibility for US and Canadian operations. She has a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. She is proficient in Navision, Great Plains, AS400 and JD Edwards.
  • Position of interest: Michelle is looking for Accounting Manager role.
  • Available for: Temporary, Temporary to Hire and Direct Hire opportunities.
  • Location: Hoffman Estates, IL area.


  • Areas of Expertise: Katherine is a financial executive with a background of planning and managing initiatives to improve finance, accounting and operational processes.
  • Noteworthy: Her extensive professional skills and experience include financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, improving processes, procedure and productivity, managing expense budgets and capital expenditures, producing accurate financial statements and reports, coordinating sales tax reporting and reconciliation, negotiating contracts with vendors & suppliers, HR/payroll/taxes/employee benefits, minimizing financial risks & exposures, analyzing insurance coverage & premiums and controlling costs & boosting profits.
  • Position of interest: Accounting Manager, Controller or VP of Finance
  • Available for: Temporary, Temporary to Hire and Direct Hire opportunities.
  • Location: Chicago, IL area with ideal locations within the western and northwest suburbs


  • Areas of Expertise: This CPA Professional has 7 years within the manufacturing industry arena including 16 direct reports. He also possesses 5 years experience kicking off his career within public accounting. Nick’s core values are integrity, ability to make a difference, balance and ever learning. He is very service oriented.
  • Noteworthy: He has provided continuous internal controls to improve and develop his team of best practices and procedures. He has installed cross-training and developed the roadmap for his staff. While with a prior employer he was involved with standard cost for engines and while in public accounting he audited manufacturing operations verifying the standard costs. He has held full g/l, financial statement, budgeting, forecasting and modeling responsibility throughout his career. Nick considers himself a power user of SAP. He has also been involved with a system conversion from an IBM platform to PeopleSoft platform.
  • Position of interest: Controller
  • Available for: Direct Hire opportunities
  • Location: Schaumburg or Chicago IL Loop


  • Areas of Expertise: Mike has solid progressive career growth throughout his career.
  • Noteworthy: He was designated “Accounting Expert” for a Fortune 500 SAP Conversion. He established all Policies and Procedures in addition to building and training a team for a new Fortune 500 Accounting Department due to an acquisition. He managed the accounting and analysis for the a business segment with revenues over $2.4B. He streamlined the accounting close process as well as developed gross margin analysis model to quickly and accurately identify margin and pricing issues for that Fortune 500 Company.
  • Position of interest: Corporate Accounting Manager
  • Available for: Direct Hire opportunities
  • Location: Joliet, IL and along Route 88 corridor to Aurora

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