Where Did All the Candidates Go? What to do In a Candidate-Driven Marketplace

Finding the right candidates for your company’s available positions can be difficult enough in a normal marketplace. But, when the marketplace is driven by candidates, the search can be downright challenging. In a candidate driven marketplace, you will find that the pool of qualified employees shrinks very quickly. When this happens, you need to have a plan in place to find an employee for your open job.

Here’s how to find and recruit the best employees in a candidate-driven job market.

Appeal to the Candidate’s Lifestyle

An excellent way to compete in a candidate-driven marketplace is to appeal to the lifestyle of the candidate. Aside from offering an excellent compensation package, offer an employee incentive program that rewards employees for their hard work and dedication to help them achieve their dreams. Also consider offering flexible scheduling so your employees are better able to balance their life outside of the office.

Become a Desired Employer

In order to compete in a candidate-driven marketplace, you will need to become a desired employer. This can be done by promising your employees a place that allows them the chance to build a long-term career. Do not become a company that is just a stop-over for employees as they move up the corporate ladder. Instead, become a company that encourages employees to stay the length of their careers, finishing up in top leadership positions.  Provide mentorship and training opportunities to develop your employees.

Focus on an Attractive Culture

The culture at your company needs to be as positive as possible if you want to compete for the best candidates in a candidate driven marketplace. Candidates from Generation Y want to work in an office setting that has a positive culture. They thrive off the atmosphere and want to have co-workers with whom they can get along with and have great interactions with while working together.  When you develop an attractive culture, you will be able to bring in some of the most talented candidates in the marketplace.

Look Outside the Box

When you are really struggling to find candidates in a candidate-driven marketplace, consider looking outside the box. Think about hiring entrepreneurs who might be looking to come back to a corporate setting, parents who took time off to raise children, or people who took time off to earn a second or third degree. They will be just as eager to succeed and will bring a wealth of knowledge to your company.

Find Out What Candidates REALLY Want

When interviewing candidates for open jobs, you need to find out what it is they are looking for in their career. Place emphasis on the career goals of the candidates and what their individual ambitions are. When you find this out, you can do your best to make their career dreams attainable.

In a candidate-driven marketplace, a company needs to put in an 110 percent effort in order to find qualified employees for open jobs. If your company uses the information from this post, then finding a strong candidate should not be an issue.

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Employee Incentives: Why They Are A Good Idea

Want to encourage your workforce? Employee incentives are an excellent way to motivate and reward your employees for a job well-done. Not all companies like to offer their employees incentives, but more are moving in the direction of these programs. In today’s post, we will discuss why it is a good idea to implement an employee incentive program in your workplace.

Send the Right Message

When your company offers an employee incentive program, it sends the right message not only to your employees, but also prospective employees. Not only does the entire program send a message, but individual aspects of the program send strong messages to those the rewards target.

For example, if you offer child care to your employees, those who are parents will see you value their family life. If you offer longevity bonuses to employees who are celebrating an anniversary with your company, you show the employee that you value their loyalty to the company.

Some of the most common forms of recognition in employee incentive programs include length of service with a company, going above and beyond on a project, top sales numbers, excellent ideas, earning employee of the month, practicing safety and attendance.

Increased Motivation

When your company offers its employees an incentive program, it increases their motivation to perform strongly while on the job. Employees will work harder when they are rewarded for reaching various goals or targets at the office. It can be difficult for employees to motivate themselves, which is why your company should provide an incentive program.

Better Loyalty

Companies that offer employees an incentive program notice an increase in employee loyalty. You cannot buy employee loyalty, but offering an incentive program for your employees will definitely help. These programs show employees that you value their time, hard work and commitment to the company. They will return that care by staying at your company and trying to work their way up the corporate ladder.

Higher Attendance

An employee incentive program can also help the attendance at your office. When employees have something to look forward to at the office they will tend to come in more often. Office settings that have poor culture and no reward system will see a higher amount of call-outs.

Stronger Culture and Morale

A company with an employee incentive program will experience a stronger culture and morale. Employees will be happier, highly motivated and have better morale each day of the week. When employees are happy and morale is high, your company’s overall costs will decline and productivity will increase.

If your company is considering an employee incentive program, take a look at the benefits outlined in this post. They are very hard to ignore, especially when you realize that happy workers are excellent workers.

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2015 Salary Survey

Happy New Year! 2015 is upon us, and with that, there are updates to salaries in finance and accounting. The compensation trends change every year and with the fluctuating economy, you need to be on top of your game when negotiating salary numbers.

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