Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can provide flexible staffing with prescreened, qualified employees for your short and long-term needs. When staffing shortages develop due to peak workloads, vacancies, extended leaves and special projects, our services enable you to add staff in a timely and cost-effective manner. Casey Accounting & Finance Resources has professionals available from Controllers and Accounting Managers to Accounts Payable and Receivable Experts. Our associates are professionals in their field who can fulfill your staffing needs and help with special projects such as month and year-end projects, financial analysis, reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable projects.

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources will assist you with your specific staffing requirements. Whether you need a person to fill in for a short-term leave of absence or for an extended period of time, we can help. At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources we prescreen and interview candidates proactively for our clients, so the best individual is immediately available when the hiring manager has the need to bring on additional staff. During the assignment, regular feedback is solicited from both the hiring manager and the interim associate to ensure that the temporary associate is a good fit for the organization.

Many of our clients require contract employees with specific skill sets to assist them during special projects, which are typically for a specified duration. Our commitment is to partner with our clients to understand their management styles, company cultures and strategic plans in order to match the right candidate to the right position. We are determined to continue our strategic staffing alliances by partnering with our clients and working together to develop staffing solutions.

Submit Staffing Requisition

To submit a staffing requisition, please click on this link to email us or email us directly at with your staffing requirement. Attach a job description, if available, and a recruiter will contact you.