5 Ways Video Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

Continuously reviewing your company’s recruitment process is important; including more effective recruiting activities draws top talent to your organization. One way to enhance your recruitment process is by including videos. People are more likely to engage with a website or email if video is involved. Not only does content including video rank higher in search engines, but it also increases a viewer’s attention span. In the case of a job search, video increases the odds of a candidate engaging with your company and wanting to join your recruitment process. You gain greater access to qualified candidates then.

Increase your competitive advantage by incorporating video into your recruitment process in these five ways.

Feature Videos on Your Website

Include videos on your career page to increase candidate engagement. People visit your website to learn more about your brand and what it’s like to work for you. Use video to display company culture and employee testimonials. Give insight into office aesthetics and job responsibilities. Provide a true representation of your organization to connect with qualified candidates more effectively.

Include Videos in Job Postings

Put videos in job ads to demonstrate your expectations. Videos increase your search engine optimization (SEO), increasing the odds that your job postings show up in search results. The video may highlight a day at the office, including the work environment and job responsibilities. Candidates who view the videos can more effectively determine whether they are a good fit for the position and company culture.

Share Videos on Social Media

Create videos for your company’s social media platforms. This expands your recruitment efforts on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels. Your company’s followers can share videos with their networks. This increases your reach and widens candidate pools.

Create Video for Candidate Communication

Include a link to an employment video with your emails to candidates. Whether sending a response or confirmation email, your message will stand out. Your video might include a message from the CEO, instruction on next steps of the hiring process, or something else that improves communication with candidates and better clarifies your expectations. This enhances your pitch, further encouraging candidates to move forward with your recruitment process.

Include Videos for Onboarding

Use videos in your onboarding process. Customize training videos to help new hires better understand your company’s mission, vision, values, and processes. This increases engagement, performance, and longevity with your organization.

Involve Video in Your Recruitment Process

Video in your recruitment process enhances engagement with your organization. You present your brand in a compelling manner, capture candidates’ attention, enhance their experience with your company, and increase your number of applicants for a role. This provides more options when deciding which candidate to bring aboard to fill a role.

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