Technology: Use These Tech Tools to Minimize the Time Spent on Mundane Tasks

No matter your industry or size of your company, technology plays a large role in daily operations. Choosing the right technology for your needs can streamline processes and increase productivity. Consider taking advantage of these tech tools to handle mundane tasks.

Social Media Tools

Use social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or CoSchedule to interact with employees, job candidates, and customers. For instance, create a platform for scheduling, monitoring, and responding to social conversations. Also, immediately address customer questions and concerns to resolve issues and build brand loyalty. Plus, receive analytics to assist with creating your short- and long-term social strategy for growth.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ActiveCampaign to personalize your process for moving prospects through your customer funnel. For instance, implement a platform to directly connect with customers and track campaign performance. Also, integrate your platform with third-party services to increase your effectiveness.

Workflow Automation

Implement workflow automation tools such as OnTask, Integrify, or to streamline operational tasks. For instance, workflow software can increase productivity, speed up processes, and improve accuracy on procedures such as contract management, vendor communication, recruiting, onboarding, and processing invoices. Also, workflow automation supports your ability to grow and scale your business. After you implement flexible internal processes, employees at all levels can use the procedures in any department.

Internal Communication Tools

Take advantage of internal communication tools like GChat, Microsoft’s Teams, or Slack. For instance, many email providers or software companies offer tools for answering quick questions, participating in group chats, sharing documents, or making calls through the internet. Many of these tools are successfully used at companies of all sizes, industries, and employee demographics.

Internet of Things

Incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into daily tasks. For instance, involve a voice-activated intelligent work assistant in preparing a conference room, beginning and ending a meeting, and a seemingly endless variety of other skills. Also, use sensor performance and other monitoring technology to control utility costs, track inventory and other assets, and improve processes.

Artificial Intelligence  

Make artificial intelligence a part of your business processes. Gain insight into customer purchasing behavior by collecting data and determining usual patterns and trends to more effectively market your products/services. For instance, use social media behavior and app location to share ads relevant to your local customers in real time.


Add blockchain technology to your business processes. Blockchain is an open access shared ledger that records transactions between parties and allows users to agree on its contents. New information is added in blocks, creating a chain. Because the ledger is verified by miners, it ensures accuracy and creates an audit trail. Past records can be viewed but not altered without the majority’s consent. Because blockchain is an excellent accounting tool, accountants spend less time on bookkeeping, reconciliations, and other mundane tasks and more time on interpreting the information and making decisions.

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