Bring Value to the Job Interview by Showing You Play Well with Others

During an interview, the hiring manager is looking for which hard and soft skills you possess. In addition to having the qualifications necessary for the role, you need to demonstrate you’re a good fit with company culture. Therefore, you need to show you get along well with your co-workers. Follow these guidelines to show you play well with others.

Share Stories

Tell stories that are relevant to the position you want and illustrate your ability to work with others. For example, review the job posting before your interview to determine how the company and the role define “teamwork,” then tailor your stories accordingly. Also, discuss your role in a team project and how often you interacted with your teammates. In addition, make sure your stories show you’re adaptable to working with new colleagues and enjoy doing your part to solve problems and complete projects. Remember to use the STAR method: discuss a situation or task, (ST), the action you took (A) and results you achieved (R).

Detail Your Contributions

Point out your individual accomplishments as well as your team’s accomplishments. Also, mention how your accomplishments helped your team reach its goal. In addition, show how you were one of the high-performing contributors who motivated your teammates to complete their work and helped out as needed.

Discuss How You Handle Conflict

Your colleagues may have diverse backgrounds, personalities and ideas for completing a project and may disagree on how to complete the work. Therefore, you need to show how you productively interact with your teammates to resolve issues and achieve common goals. Demonstrate you can effectively mediate, motivate or lead when needed.

Be Honest

If you embellish your stories, the hiring manager will most likely find out and decide not to hire you. If you lack experience as a team leader, rather than making up a story, emphasize the skills you have that will help you excel in a leadership role.

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