Applying Through a Job Post on Facebook? Be Careful!

In February 2017, Facebook launched a new jobs feature on its website. Employers may post jobs for free on their Facebook pages, and candidates may apply using Facebook’s interface. Employers may view candidates’ profiles and communicate with them through Messenger. Although this sounds like an excellent setup, there are drawbacks to consider.

Is Your Profile Public?

If you apply for a job through Facebook, your profile must be made public for employers to view your information. This poses serious privacy issues, especially if you wish to keep your personal information and pictures hidden from employers. You most likely don’t want to be judged for what you do in your off hours, which is exactly what may happen if you make your profile public. You most likely want to reveal a little bit about yourself at a time, rather than have everything out in the open all at once.

A related issue is that the more information you share about your education and work experience through a job application, the more details Facebook will add to your profile. This provides Facebook additional information about you that you may not want to disclose to the company.

Do You Want Your Information Private?

Applying for a job through Facebook may give employers even more access to your profile, letting them perform a deeper background check on you. This may be of concern if you don’t maintain the level of professionalism on your Facebook page that you would in front of an employer. Like most people, you probably post stories and pictures about topics and experiences that interest you the most. These may be appropriate for family and friends to know about, but not necessarily for employers. For example, posting inappropriate words, information, or pictures; speaking poorly about former employers, coworkers, or clients; and lying about qualifications are typical reasons employers don’t hire candidates based on their social media profiles. You may not want to go back and erase your favorite memories from your profile to avoid having employers discover them and potentially not hire you.

Are You Comfortable Drawing Attention to Your Profile?

Job applications through Facebook may raise legal and ethical concerns. For example, when Facebook draws information from your profile to fill out your application, it includes your profile picture. This increases your chances of being illegally discriminated against based on your race. Also, if your profile shows you’re involved with a religious organization or a specific political cause, employers may decide not to hire you based on that information as well.

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