Is Your Office in Need of a Little Bit of Love? 4 Signs Employee Morale is Low

Low morale reduces productivity and performance. When employees are not engaged, they often miss deadlines and turn in subpar work. Team members may show up for work less often or leave the company. As a result, you’re forced to spend more time hiring new employees. If you don’t improve the underlying causes of the situation, nothing will improve long-term. Here are three signs employee morale is low and what to do about it.

Increased Absenteeism

If employees call in sick more often or don’t show up for work, morale is low. They may perform the same tasks day after day and lose engagement. Staff might stop being inspired by their projects and view them as a series of to-dos before the weekend. Losing motivation behind work activities decreases productivity. Employees could be stressed and unsure of how to handle it. This can result in anger, depression, high blood pressure or poor immune function. To combat increased absenteeism, inspire your team to get back their motivation to complete their work. Remind them why they do what they do. Meet with each teammate every week to talk about their goals. Find out why those goals matter so you know how to keep your team engaged. If a team member needs help to reignite their passion for the company mission, determine outside projects they can work on. Allow team members to set their hours or work remotely as much as possible.

High Turnover

If you experience a substantial level of employee turnover, morale is low. Employees typically quit because something that used to keep them working no longer has the same effect. Perhaps they’re not having fun, are uninspired or aren’t developing relationships with coworkers. Keep in mind that when one staff member quits, it’s common for others to follow suit. To reduce high turnover, focus on collaboration. Implement tools and strategies to encourage colleagues to complete tasks together. Because people like to work with friends, they’ll get to know each other and have an increased reason to stay with your company.

Reduced Productivity

If employees are less productive than usual, morale is low. Perhaps you’ve been adding to team members’ workloads without providing the resources needed to fulfill the responsibilities. Maybe you’ve been micromanaging to ensure things get done on time. These actions make work less fulfilling and more of a chore, reducing interest in completing projects on time. To combat reduced productivity, provide your team autonomy. Placeless emphasis on how to do something as long as the goal is reached. Encourage teammates to be involved in making decisions. Remind your staff why their roles are important and the ways they add value to the organization.

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