Should You Rehire a Former Employee?

In today’s competitive hiring climate, you may consider rehiring a former employee. Also called a boomerang employee, this type of candidate may be more attractive than other candidates. You already know their work style, performance level, and fit with company culture. Although knowing whom you’re hiring may seem advantageous over bringing aboard an entirely new person, the former employee might be bringing along baggage that could affect their performance. In this case, you’d be better off hiring a brand-new person.

Consider these points when deciding whether to hire a boomerang employee.

Potential Cost Savings

You might spend less money rehiring a former employee. You won’t need to invest as much time vetting and interviewing them. Plus, you already know whether the person is a good culture fit. Since the former employee understands your products/services, policies, and processes, they need less time for onboarding. They may bring additional skills, experience, and ideas that require less training to perform their job duties. Because boomerang employees tend to stay longer, they’re typically more engaged and productive than a brand-new hire would be.

Issues to Consider Before Rehiring

Before deciding whether to rehire a former employee, consider the circumstances surrounding their exit. Why did they leave? Was it personal or family-related, lack of room for advancement, or an educational opportunity? Whatever the reason, it may be a factor if you rehire the former employee. What were their strengths and weaknesses? Along with reviewing the person’s file, talk with former managers and coworkers to gain insight into the person. There may be outstanding accomplishments or adverse personal qualities to consider. Why does the former employee want to return? They may have had time to develop new skills that can benefit your organization. Or, the person could be between jobs

Keys to Successful Rehiring

If you decide to rehire a former employee, follow your standard interview and hiring process. Ensure the person has the knowledge, skills, and experience required for the position. Ask interview questions as you would for any other candidate. Find out why the former employee left their most recent employer, why they want to return to your organization, and how they can benefit your team.

Consider Rehiring a Former Employee

Bringing aboard a boomerang employee may be in your best interest. Since they already understand your company culture, processes, procedures, and offerings, they need less time to acclimate. A former employee’s new skills, knowledge, and experience can add value to your team. Before rehiring, think about whether the person left on good terms, what their strengths and weaknesses were, and why they want to return.

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