What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

If you’re busy on the job hunt, don’t overlook the impact your LinkedIn profile has on a prospective employer. Your LinkedIn profile may be one of the first things your employer looks at when they are trying to find out more about you. Many employers will simply do a Google search of your name or check out your profile on LinkedIn to see your work history and get a better idea of who you are — beyond your resume. This is why it’s even more important to make sure your LinkedIn profile contains key information your employer is looking for and also presents you in the best possible light. Here are some things your LinkedIn profile needs:

Attractive Presentation of Accomplishments

You want to highlight your accomplishments, but avoid being boastful. Make sure to talk about all of your accomplishments in a professional way. For example, you could talk about how you led your team to secure a large contract with a big client instead of simply talking about how you won a large contract. Be detailed and sincere when sharing information about your awards and accomplishments.

Make Use of the Open Candidate Feature

If you’ve been worried your current employer will see you making new connections or showing interest in other jobs, you can make use of this feature for that extra level of privacy. LinkedIn rolled out this feature in late 2016 to make it easier for candidates to connect with recruiters or potential employers without a current employer noticing. This also helps recruiters choose from a larger pool of available and qualified candidates.

You can post recommendations from former employers and clients on your LinkedIn profile for public viewing. This can improve your reputation and help future clients or employers make an informed decision about hiring you. Recommendations are just like star ratings and reviews for businesses — the more positive recommendations you have to share, the more attractive your profile becomes to a potential employer.

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Taking some time to update and revise your LinkedIn profile will help your job search. Take the next step and work with an award-winning financial staffing agency in Chicago and contact Casey Accounting & Finance Resources. Work with our great team of financial recruiters today to advance your career!