Does the Job Search Now Include Texting and Snapchat?

Today’s job search is unlike any other. Candidates now use Snapchat and texting to find their new role. Therefore, it’s important you understand the appropriate use of these methods to maximize your results. Follow these guidelines for using Snapchat and texting in your job search.

Build Your Snapchat Stream

Determine which companies you want to work for and add them to your Snapchat stream. Visit Snapchat’s Discover section to choose which companies you want to follow. You can study their articles, videos and photos to learn more about the organization to see whether you’re a good cultural fit. You can also initiate or join conversations with employees about what it’s like to work for the company and why you’d be an excellent addition to the team.

Find Potential Employers

Watch the content they’re posting and how they engage with their followers. In your cover letter and interview, incorporate some examples of what you saw on Snapchat to show you’re experienced with social media and are impressed with how the company presents its products/services.

Provide Information on Your Background

Balance fun and professionalism in your Snapchat account by posting both playful and professional content. Showcase the skills and experience you want employers to see so they consider letting you join their team. Also, post pictures on Snapchat to go along with emailing your cover letter and resume to the company.

View Job Postings and Events

Employers may post a photo of a future employee’s office or a short video from the manager encouraging candidates to apply for an opening. Companies may offer recruitment events to let you interact with employees, gain further insight into the organization and apply for positions.

Be Professional When Texting Recruiters

Although texting is typically casual, keep it formal when communicating with a recruiter. Avoid texting a recruiter to initiate contact or follow up after an interview. A phone call or email is more appropriate. Ask the recruiter if they want to be texted. Some prefer other forms of communication. Spell out words rather than using abbreviations or acronyms. Furthermore, avoid using emoticons as they’re inappropriate for professional communication. Plus, ensure your text signature at the bottom of each message is appropriate for work.

Appropriately Respond to Recruiters’ Texts

Reply to text messages as soon as possible to move forward with the hiring process. Provide all information the recruiter requests so they can continue placing you with candidates. In addition, check your spelling and grammar to ensure they’re error-free.

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