Why Hiring Beyond the Resume May Just Be Your Key to Finding Top Talent

Although a candidate’s resume provides you insight into how they may benefit your company, you need to look beyond what is on paper to determine which candidate is best for your team. Here are some actions you want to take to find top talent during your interview process.  

Discuss Career Goals 

Talk with each candidate about their career goals. For instance, find out whether they intend to stay with your company for an extended period. If they desire management experience and want to help shape their department, odds are they want to be with you for the long haul.   

Ask Unique Questions 

Asking unusual questions encourages open discussion and gives insight into what makes each candidate who they are. Look for whether a candidate is self-aware and wants to continue to grow. For instance, ask “What is your natural strength?” While the strength may be easy for the candidate to display, it may be difficult for others. Also, “What kind of animal would you be and why?” If you are looking for a candidate to work in teams much of the time, you may want to hear an answer that includes a social animal. The candidate’s reasoning will provide insight into their level of self-awareness.     

Uncover Thoughts on New Technology 

Find out the candidate’s attitude toward new technology. Whichever industry you work in, technology plays a vital part in your business. Because technology continues to evolve, your employees need to adapt accordingly. A candidate should embrace technology and be willing to learn new programs and tools to enhance their work and improve performance.  

Find Out About Desire for Growth 

Look for a candidate who desires professional growth. They should be aware of which areas they excel in and where they can improve. Wanting to add to their skill set, experience level and position within the organization is required.  

Evaluate Candidate Personality  

Determine whether each candidate’s personality blends with those of your team members. For instance, when you take them on a tour and introduce them to others, how do they interact? Does the candidate ask questions about what each person does and how things work? Will the candidate get along with potential colleagues and enhance morale?   

Determine Candidate Potential 

Evaluate the potential each candidate may have. For instance, although they may lack the master’s degree or type of experience you prefer, a candidate may bring enthusiasm and energy to the office. Also, they may have fresh ideas to enhance your company. Plus, a candidate may be able to grow into leadership. 

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