Four Ways You Can Support Your Employees and Their Mental Health

Increasing sources of stress at work and at home are adversely impacting employees’ mental health. As a result, many employees are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Ongoing exposure to stress can lead to burnout.

As an accounting and finance manager, you must take steps to support your employees and their mental health. These suggestions can help.

Choose among these four ways to support your employees and their mental health:

1. Model Healthy Behaviors

Demonstrate healthy behaviors you would like to see in your employees. Examples include prioritizing self-care and maintaining boundaries.

For instance, you might share that you are taking a walk to clear your head, engaging in a therapy appointment after work, or planning a staycation for the following week. These behaviors support mental health and help prevent burnout.

2. Offer Flexibility

Provide your employees with the flexibility required to fill their changing personal needs. Examples include working remotely, having a flexible schedule, and taking additional time off as needed.

Regularly talk with your employees as they go through transition points. Find out whether your employees require additional support and how you can help them out.

3. Support Employee Connections

Regularly check in with your employees to see how they are doing. For instance, find out how your employees are handling their workloads, whether they have any questions or concerns, and whether they have any issues to address. Also, ask whether your employees require additional support and how you could best provide it.

Actively listen to your employees. Also, ask follow-up questions to gather more information. Additionally, repeat what you heard to check your understanding. Plus, respond with empathy.

4. Normalize Mental Health Discussions

Talk with your employees about mental health concerns. Because virtually everyone experiences problems with their mental health at some point, open discussions help reduce the stigma.

Be honest about your own mental health struggles. Include your methods for gaining support, such as taking antidepressants and seeing a therapist twice weekly.

Create a safe space for your employees to share their own mental health issues. Provide as much support as possible.

Discuss employee benefits that provide mental health support. Examples include employee resource groups (ERCs), meditation groups, and counseling services.

Do You Need Hiring Support?

Modeling healthy behaviors, offering flexibility, supporting employee connections, and normalizing mental health discussions help support your employees and their mental health. These actions increase employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include greater job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

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