Short-Term and Long-Term Goals Will Improve Your Employee Experience

Your employee experience involves feeling connected to co-workers at all levels, finding meaning in the work, having an impact on the organization, and receiving specific, real-time appreciation for one’s contributions. Because these issues are interrelated, they all have an impact on your company’s success. Therefore, you want to do all you can to ensure your employees are satisfied in all areas. Here are some tips for setting short- and long-term goals to improve your employee experience.

Incorporate Feedback into Company Culture

Create short-and long-term goals for incorporating regular feedback into company culture. Giving and accepting feedback in real time is much more effective than the traditional completion of an annual survey. Therefore, you need to encourage leaders to request and accept feedback and employees to follow specific criteria to most effectively provide feedback. Ask about the effectiveness of your onboarding process and how it may be improved. Also, ask about an employee’s experience in having their work performance evaluated and how the process could be better.

Create Employee Insight Teams

Set short- and long-term goals for creating dedicated employee insight teams. The teams must possess the skills and systems necessary to collect, analyze and act on employee experience data. Also, leaders must be trained to interpret the data reports, discuss the feedback with their teams and prioritize areas that need action.

Set Up Employee Systems

Ensure each leader has a current list of their employees. Also, provide methods of communication between leaders and employees through phones or the internet.

Implement Ongoing Initiatives

Ensure that your goals involve ongoing initiatives, rather than one-time programs. Shifts in improving your employee experience need to become permanent elements of operating your company. However, incorporate your goals for one initiative at a time, rather than all at once. The first version of your employee experience program will need to improve over time. Therefore, focus your efforts on one initiative until you’re satisfied with your results. You can always take a look at it again after implementing your goals for other initiatives.

Measure Business Impact

Set long- and short-term goals to measure your impact on reaching business goals. For example, HR professionals need to create feedback programs to identify, measure and interpret employee experiences and use feedback to improve their HR processes. Also, leaders need to accept and act on positive and negative feedback. In addition, employees need to provide honest feedback without concern for adverse consequences.

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