Staying Curious Could Lead You to the Finance Career of Your Dreams

One soft skill that is beneficial to your finance career is curiosity. Continually asking questions to gain information opens you up to new opportunities. You may discover skills and interests you did not know you had, find an especially intriguing line of work or move to a position you did not see yourself having. Find out how staying curious can lead you to the finance career of your dreams. 


Being curious about what finance professionals do encourages you to network. Asking questions about finance workers’ responsibilities, what they like best about their jobs, and how they became interested in their line of work may lead to your own career advancement or change. If the projects that finance professionals handle each day sound interesting to you, dig deeper for additional information to determine whether you may want to pursue that line of work. If so, build a relationship with your connection before asking about job openings or an introduction to the hiring manager. Even if no positions are available, you can get to know the manager and express interest if anything opens up.  

Job Change Anxiety 

Curiosity can help you with anxiety about starting a new finance job. For instance, you can use the company website and social media to research the organization, view pictures and posts about the office and culture, and see what it is like working there. You can get to know a little about potential colleagues and gain insight into job responsibilities, requirements and expectations. During the interview, you can ask questions about the company’s goals, finance department’s projects and teambuilding activities.    

Professional Development 

Being open to increasing your financial skills, knowledge and experience means you continually learn new things in your field. Staying current on industry news, trends and best practices keeps you on top in your field. Connecting something you are learning about with something you already know increases your understanding and retention of the information. Ongoing professional development shows you are willing to adapt to new circumstances and helps position you as an expert in your field. 

Career Fulfillment 

Continuing to satisfy your curiosity about different finance functions means you are taking risks and learning new things on an ongoing basis. The more you gain new experiences, skills and information, the faster you advance professionally. Receiving bonuses, raises and awards also increases your personal fulfillment, leading to additional career growth. Embracing the unknown and being OK with feeling uncomfortable helps you take on new challenges in your career.  

Find the Finance Career of Your Dreams 

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