The Job You Interviewed for Wasn’t What You Expected, But You Have No Other Leads. What Do You Do?

There are many reasons to consider taking a job that is different from what you expected. Perhaps your unemployment is almost gone or your family is relocating and you need a job. Whatever your circumstances, you need to decide whether to take the job or hold out for a different opportunity altogether.

Evaluate How to Proceed

To determine whether to take the role, ask yourself some questions. For instance, “What new information has caused my interest in this opportunity to decline? How much has my interest waned?” And, “Does the new information compromise my core wants and needs?” Also, “Is there information I do not know that may change my mind? What is it?” Plus, “Do any aspects of this opportunity still appeal to me? What are they?” If more information is needed, stay in the running and wait for another interview. Write down the questions you need answered to make a better decision.

Take the Job If the Pros Outweigh the Cons

If the pros outweigh the cons, then take the job. For instance, the hours may be long, but the company will look great on your resume. Or, you may not be interested in one duty, but there are five you do enjoy. Perhaps the role is not very exciting, but your potential colleagues are amazing and an advanced position could be your dream job.

Decline the Job If You Truly Are Not Interested

If you are less than inspired by the role, then let the hiring manager know as soon as possible. Chances are remote that you will change your mind. Contact the hiring manager by phone or email. Be specific about your reasons for withdrawal and emphasize your gratitude for the interview. For instance, “Sarah, I want to thank you for the opportunity to interview for the Auditor role at Firm A. As I learned more about the position and organization, it was clear that I am not a good fit with company culture. I appreciate getting to know you and hope you find the right candidate soon. Best regards, Rebekah Freiberg”.

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