6 Tips to Prevent Yourself from Being Burned Out

Career burnouts can be caused by multiple triggers. A heavy workload, lack of control and an adverse work environment may be factors in feeling burned out. Rather than letting them overwhelm you, take action to maintain your work-life balance.

1. Learn to Say No

Do you say “no” to requests that do not fit your job description or schedule? You cannot spend your time responding to others’ needs while not filling your own. Avoid taking on tasks that you need to stay late for or that are not part of your work responsibilities. Take on tasks that interest you and can be adequately planned for during the workday.

2.Compare Your Regular Tasks and Job Description

Are you taking on more work than you should be? Make a list of your regular tasks, then compare it to your job description. If you discover you are taking on responsibilities beyond what you should be assigned, bring the discrepancy to your manager’s attention. You may be able to shift some of your workload to colleagues and free up time for other tasks.

3. Cultivate Workplace Relationships

Are you developing friendships with co-workers? Sharing thoughts and experiences makes people feel validated and supported. You can discuss positive events in your life, ask for help during challenging times, and return the favor as needed. Surrounding yourself with positive people will keep you focused, energized and progressing in your career.

4. Take Time Off

Do you frequently take time off? Even if you cannot spend two weeks on vacation, you could plan a long weekend for rest and rejuvenation. Regularly taking three- and four-day weekends is more effective than taking several weeks off a few times a year. To further reduce your feeling of burnout, limit your use of digital devices after work hours. When you get home, either put your smartphone away or turn it off so you do not check email or text messages. Whatever needs doing can wait until tomorrow.

5. Change Work Area

Can you change the area where you perform your work? Perhaps you can move your desk to another part of your office or work in another department. You could talk with your manager about working remotely one day per week. Changing your scenery can stimulate your mind and encourage you to continue performing your tasks.

6. Meditate

Have you tried mediation? The centuries-old practice has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of burnout. Meditation develops an awareness of present-moment experience with a compassionate, non-judgmental approach and can improve your focus. Typically, meditating for as little as 10 minutes a day can rewire your brain to relax and be more productive.

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