How to Retain Your Best Talent: Employees Need to Be Connected to the Company

It has been said that it takes a lot more to maintain a happy workforce than it did years ago. This is supported by statistics, like the fact that nearly two-thirds of the workforce is actively disengaged from their jobs, and many others are using work time to search for other opportunities.

One of the better ways of keeping employees satisfied in their careers is to offer support for learning and development. Let’s face it, the convergence of personal and professional is happening more often in the workforce. People want support for their goals. How can your company develop enough programs to meet the unique needs of all its employees?

1. Make learning a core value in the workplace.

When learning is a value of the company, it becomes a normal aspect of the culture. This enables employees – who previously would be searching for new learning opportunities outside of work – to confidently pursue their professional development. Create a system to reimburse employees for continuing education. Send them to conferences. Purchase webinars if your budget is smaller. Encourage your staff to read articles throughout the day.

2. Identify learning and development programs that cater to employees at all levels.

Because learning styles can be so vastly different from one employee to the next, often driven by generational characteristics, learning and development programs need to be varied. Blend classroom learning programs with on-demand eLearning. Survey employees to find out what they want to learn and link this to their career goals. Not everyone wants to sit in front of a computer for a 60-minute webinar, and not everyone wants to go hear a local speaker.

3. Bring industry-leading programs and experts directly to employees.

Get your employees excited about learning and connect them deeper to the company by bringing learning to them. Set up brown bag lunch and learn sessions, offer special talks from industry leaders, and create a full learning environment that includes employees of all generations and interests. Taking that information from outside topics and relating it to your company’s processes provides a natural connection for your employees.

4. Promote and reward learning achievers.

To create a deep connection with employees, link their learning efforts to performance. If they participate, reward them for making this commitment to excellence. Set up promotions and bonuses based on learning initiatives. The incentives don’t have to be anything major. You can tie salaries to something like continuing education or certifications. A small gesture like a gift card to a movie theater will be appreciated, especially if you recognize employees publicly.

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Adjust Your Mindset to Find Success in Networking

Most people think of “What’s in it for me” when they think about networking, especially when it has something to do with finding a job. This is a natural thought, because the end result needs to be a job and a means to survive. However, a mindset shift of “How can I help others” will really have more long-term positive effects than the short-term focus of yourself.

Here’s how to develop a positive mindset about networking, and greater success with the job search process.

1. Think about what you can offer to someone else.

It’s easy to engage in networking activity with the thought of only getting something out of it. But if you go to a networking event or start networking with others online, it will become very transparent if this is your only goal. Instead, go to a networking mode with the thought that you would like to find ways to serve other. Think about the value that you have, and how you can help others rather than take from them.

2. Consider all the connections you have and how they can help others.

Also consider the connections that you have within your social, professional, and educational networks. Chances are, there are people who may complement each other and are worth introducing to each other. Use your networks in a more positive way and you can expect that others will think of you when they have someone to refer. This can work in your favor during a job search.

3. Develop a professional brand that’s above your immediate needs.

It’s easy to go about developing a personal brand that is only about your career or your passions. But this does not necessarily serve you as a job seeker. Instead, think about ways that you can develop a brand that appeals to others and their needs. This is a similar approach that sales professionals use when trying to attract prospects – you must speak their language in order to be effective as a networker.

4. Get outside of your comfort zone about networking – try new methods.

Networking is not just about sitting at a computer behind social profiles. It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and attending local networking events, business mixers, and industry conferences. It’s about volunteering in your community and giving something back. Learn to develop a strong pitch for yourself and again think about how you can serve others. The people that you meet will be happy to learn about you, if you put yourself out there.

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How Teamwork Helps All Aspects of Your Career

Whether you are currently employed or seeking a new job, being a team player can be to your advantage. Why? People skills are often in short supply as more employees lean on technology and interact less in the workplace. Being a great communicator and collaborator can take you far in your career. The ability to relate to many different types of people and situations, using your best skills to support a team effort is something you should work on throughout your career.

Here are some reasons why teamwork helps you in all aspects of your career development.

Teamwork helps you see things from other perspectives

When you open yourself up to working with others in a team setting, you benefit by learning perspectives and experiences. This aids in your development and ability to expand your horizons. It can also help you become better at your job as you learn new ways of handling tasks and seeing things from alternative views.

Teamwork will help you get a better career

At your current job, teamwork develops relationships and leads to increased production. When you’re looking for a new job, people will help you out and you can show examples of when you were a great team member.

Teamwork skills require being more personable

If you struggle with shyness or fear around other people, making an effort to be active on a team can help you come out of your shell. Make the choice to be an active participant and use your talents to contribute to the success of each project. You will earn the respect of your peers and develop more personality.

Teamwork can connect you with the right people and opportunities

In life, being part of a team can bring you closer to the type of career and the challenge of new experiences you need to grow. You can build closer connections with your peers, mentors, and even clients and vendors you work with. Using teamwork principles, you will be viewed as someone that others can rely on to get things done.

Teamwork is the hallmark of a future leader

When you learn how to be a team player, you are also developing the skills you can use as a future leader in your industry. Learning to get along with others, bringing out the best in them, and sharing in successes are the traits that all good leaders possess. Think in these terms as you work on team-building skills and attitudes.

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