How the Right Employees Impact the Growth of Your Business

Having the right accounting and finance professionals on your team promotes company growth. Along with finding ways to increase efficiencies and decrease costs, your employees contribute to the organization in other ways. By carrying out your company mission and remaining engaged in their work, they create a positive environment to work in. Because your team members prioritize professional growth, they strive to attain company goals that move the business forward.

Discover five ways having the right employees on your team benefits your company.

Company Mission

With the right employees on your team, your company mission is carried out. Because your team members help run your organization, they act according to its guidelines for conducting business. As the lifeblood for your company, your employees include company vision and values in their interactions. Behavior in line with your culture further enhances your workplace. Happy employees remain engaged and productive, increasing your bottom line.

Employee Engagement

When the right employees are on your team, they remain engaged in their work. Because your team members enjoy what they do, they continue to take on new challenges and excel. As their enthusiasm and confidence grow, collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction increase. This improves employee retention.

Work Environment

When you have the right employees, they create a positive work environment. Because your team members effectively complete their work, morale increases. Since your employees stay motivated and engaged throughout the day, you provide recognition and rewards to promote their performance level. The energy of your team attracts other talented people who want to work for you.

Employee Growth

Having the right employees on your team means they value ongoing professional growth. Your team members enjoy setting new goals, reaching milestones, and celebrating successes. They regularly engage in training and continuing education, hold themselves and others accountable, and learn from mistakes. Because your employee evaluations consistently show growth over time, you reward your team members with bonuses, raises, and promotions.

Goal Attainment

Working with the right employees helps you reach business goals. They continually find ways to increase efficiency and revenue while decreasing costs. Your team members also meet deadlines, reach milestones, and celebrate successes. This paves the way to achieve bigger goals long-term.

Source Top Accounting and Finance Professionals

Having the right employees on your team increases the success of your business. When your team members carry out your company mission and remain engaged in their work, they create a positive work environment. Because your employees prioritize professional growth, they are driven to achieve business goals. All of these factors attract top talent to your organization, further enhancing your bottom line.

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Trends in Contingent Staffing

At a recent conference for the National Association of Personnel Services, the following trends were identified for the contingent workforce:

  • 96% of companies use contract staffing
  • 83% of companies say that contractors work harder than full-time employees
  • It is projected that 73% of companies will switch to having their full-time employees be C-Suite level and the rest will be part-time and contract employees

In addition, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, when they asked the companies, “What is the size of your contingent workforce?” the average response for 2017 was 20%.  They anticipate by 2027 their contingent workforce will be 25% of their workforce including:  Direct Temporary Workers, Independent Contractors, Human Cloud Workers and Agency Temporaries.

At CASEY ACCOUNTING & FINANCE RESOURCES, we are dedicated to making an amazing difference in the lives of our clients, candidates and colleagues.  Some of our recent temporary accounting and finance placements include the following:


A/P Clerk-Temporary-Schaumburg, IL
Cash App Specialist-Temporary-Lincolnwood, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Des Plaines, IL
A/R Specialist-Temporary-Elk Grove Village, IL
Accounting Clerk-Temporary-Deerfield, IL
Tax Accountant-Temporary-Arlington Heights, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Chicago, IL
Payroll Manager-Temporary-Northbrook, IL
Collections-Temporary-Wood Dale, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Lombard, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Mount Prospect, IL
Sr. Accountant-Temporary-Bridgeview, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Mount Prospect, IL
Credit Analyst-Temporary-Chicago, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Northlake, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Northlake, IL
Accountant-Temporary-Glenview, IL
Bookkeeper-Temporary-Schaumburg, IL
Payroll Associate-Temporary-Hoffman Estates, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-LaGrange, IL

In addition, we are busy helping our clients hire regular full-time staff to their teams!  Some of our recent placements include the following:


Credit Analyst-Chicago, IL
Sr. Accountant-Chicago, IL
Payroll Specialist-Northbrook, IL
Accountant-Schaumburg, IL
Financial Analyst-Northlake, IL
Accounting Clerk-Rolling Meadows, IL
Billing Analyst-Deerfield, IL
Payroll Manager-Chicago, IL
Bookkeeper-Schaumburg, IL
Sr. Accountant-Deerfield, IL
Payroll Manager-Chicago, IL
Financial Analyst-Schaumburg, IL
Sr. Accountant-Chicago, IL
Payroll Specialist-Rosemont, IL


Why We Love Millennials in the Workplace!

Millennial are often associated with negative terms including entitlement, poor communicators and technology reliant!  But, we have found that it is actually a joy to work with millennials!  Some of the attributes we enjoy about working with millennials include:

Focuses on Collaboration

Millennials are very collaborative to work with.  They are very communicative, which is great when you work in an environment that has a lot of moving parts.


Millennials share a sense of purpose with their teammates and work together on meaningful projects.   They bring a creative spirit to new initiatives introduced within the workforce.  Start an internal social group in your company and see what amazing benefits arise from it!


Millennials are tech-savvy and like to help others by offering solutions that support innovation.  They are very good at leveraging technology!  They want information fast since they often will be on their smart phone and working on their tablet/computer while viewing a program – and can switch easily between devices.  Make sure you have multiple monitors for their desks!

Want to Make a Difference and Contribution to Society

Millennials are always looking for ways to better themselves and the community.  Having a community spirit helps companies develop programs for the good of others.  What better way to bring meaning to work!


Millennials are by far the most accepting of gender equality and LGBTQ rights.  They are a generation of change and progression.  They care about the issues and will help to make changes.  They accept and celebrate their differences including breaking the stigma around mental illness.  Having a tolerant workforce helps to lift everyone up!

Highly educated and they love to learn and be developed

Millennials are on track to become the most highly educated generation in the history of the United States.  They want to be mentored and coached, and be the best employee they can be!

As you can see, there are many reasons that millennials are an asset to the workforce.  From collaboration, purpose, technology, making a difference, tolerance and education, companies will have a new set of challenges that will bring meaningful change and growth to their organization.



Top Accounting & Finance Talent Recently Placed

We have been busy helping out clients find top Accounting & Finance talent in a very competitive labor market!  How can we help you?

Recently filled positions:

  • Staff Accountant-Chicago, IL
  • Payroll Admin-Rosemont, IL
  • Controller-DeKalb, IL
  • Accounting Clerk-Schaumburg, IL
  • A/P Supervisor-Northlake, IL
  • Sr. Financial Analyst-Glendale Heights, IL
  • Credit/Collections-Wood Dale, IL
  • Accounting Clerk-Schaumburg, IL
  • Payroll-Chicago, IL
  • Sr. Accountant-Glendale Heights, IL
  • Plant Controller-DeKalb, IL
  • Payroll Manager-Batavia, IL
  • Accounting Clerk-Rosemont, IL
  • A/P Specialist-Arlington Heights, IL
  • Accounting Assistant-Schaumburg, IL
  • A/R Clerk-Chicago, IL
  • Financial Analyst-Waukegan, IL
  • Sr. Accountant-Mundelein, IL
  • Inventory Clerk-Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Accounting Manager-Wood Dale, IL
  • A/P Clerk-Lake Zurich, IL
  • Accountant-Chicago, IL
  • A/P Clerk-Chicago, IL
  • Payroll Clerk-Schiller Park, IL
  • Payroll Clerk-Palatine, IL
  • Credit Analyst-Glendale Heights, IL
  • Director of Finance-Mount Prospect, IL
  • Staff Accountant-Northbrook, IL
  • Payroll Manager-Schiller Park, IL
  • Sr. Accountant-Mundelein, IL


4 Tips to Help You Negotiate the Best Salary

You’ve worked hard to secure that job offer and may be eager to sign the agreement and get started. However, it’s important not to miss the important step of negotiating a suitable salary for all the hard work you will be committing to in the upcoming months or years. Your salary requirements may be the deal breaker for many companies and you’ll want to avoid some common mistake when negotiating your wages.

Use the following tips to help you negotiate the best salary.

1. Be prepared.

Almost every employer will ask what your salary expectations are, and this usually happens during the screening process or the very early stages of the interview. Employers want to screen out candidates that they simply know would not be a good fit for their budget. It’s always a good idea to anticipate this question and be prepared to answer with confidence so you don’t end up getting nervous or suggesting something well below what you deserve. Do some research about the company and similar positions in the area so you have some realistic figures to work with.

2. Don’t lie about your salary history.

Many job seekers make the mistake of stating that they are earning more than they really are so they can get a high offer from an employer. However, this can get you in trouble when the employer checks in with your current employer or requests a recent pay stub of earnings. If you are caught lying or you even manage to start the job and then the company discovered you were lying, you may end up losing the new opportunity entirely.

3. Understand that the company will have salary budgets.

Employers are working with budgets and will try and maximize their human resources at the most effective cost. Even if you are applying for an upper management position, the financial or accounting department or a prestigious position with bonuses and other perks, you can expect the company to work within their compensation framework to bring you on board. This is why you do need to do your homework and find out what the salary would be for your position and go from there. Even if you have never earned that much before, be confident when asking for the salary and see how they respond. Working with a recruiter gives you an advantage because the recruiter will be able to negotiate the best salary for you based upon the company’s budget.

4. Always think about other benefits.

If your prospective employer simply won’t budge on their salary offer — or they are offering a lower salary than you anticipated — consider any other benefits that come with the job. Is the office within a short drive of your home so you don’t have a long commute? Do they offer an onsite fitness center or employee lunches? Do you have extra paid-time-off and extended vacation days? Does your employer offer comprehensive health and life insurance benefits? All of these extra benefits can offset some of the difference in salary expectations.

If you need help on your job search, consider working with a top financial staffing firm in Chicago in Casey Accounting & Finance Resources. We can position you in front of jobs with attractive salaries and benefits. Contact us today!


What Questions Should You Be Asking Job Candidate References?

A recent survey indicated that recruiters will remove one in five candidates from consideration during the reference check process. Upon interviewing over 1,000 hiring managers, they found:

  • 36 percent said they were interested in getting more insight on the applicant’s past job duties and experience
  • 31 percent used a reference check to learn about candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • 21 percent removed a candidate from consideration for a job after speaking to professional contacts

It’s really not surprising that hiring managers eliminate certain candidates during the candidate reference check process. Very often, candidates elaborate on their experience, inflate their own value, and even falsify information hoping no one will check. The smartest hiring managers use a consistent series of reference check questions for all candidates before offering them any employment.

Here are some questions that you can legally use when checking professional candidate references. Along with verifying their position and dates of employment, you will want to ask:

1. What is your relationship to the candidate?

If someone is a good reference for a candidate, they have had some direct supervision or observation to the candidate. Ask specifically about how they worked with this job candidate during their time with the company. Learn about the specific daily interactions, either as a co-worker or a supervisor. The office receptionist or a cousin of the candidate don’t count, sorry.

2. Would you bring them back?

This very simple question is also very important to understanding the reputation of the candidate. If the reference says Yes with no hesitation, it’s a great sign. If they hesitate or refuse to answer, this can be a red flag. Regardless of the answer, follow-up questions are important to gain more insight from the job reference.  Some companies have policies that don’t allow the company to hire a person back once they have left the organization, no matter what the circumstances were when the person left.

3. What are their strengths and weaknesses on the job?

Once you break the ice with a reference it’s perfectly legal to ask about the performance of the candidate. Ask for the candidate’s biggest strengths and weaknesses, which can then be compared to how the candidate answers later in the interview. If the reference is being hesitant to talk about anything specific (especially in the weakness area), then have a list of questions prepared to gain the information that you want. When a bland answer comes from “What are their biggest weaknesses” then ask more direct questions about attention to detail, creativity, etc.

As part of the job hiring process, job references can become an integral piece of that process. They give information that you can’t learn directly from the job candidate. A well thought-out plan of questions for the job references can lead to great information that helps you make the best decision.

Work with an Award-Winning Recruiter in Chicago

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Why Using Twitter Will Help Your Job Search

There’s a reason why 310 million users speaking 40 different languages worldwide are spending their time on Twitter each day. Twitter has grown to be a favorite spot for everyone from everyday citizens to celebrities to be heard by a massive audience. As Twitter has developed, it’s also become a favorite place for candidates to search for new jobs, and recruiters to connect with job seekers. At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, we have a Twitter account where you can find new job leads!

But, how can you know that your efforts at Twitter are worth it? Here are some good reasons why Twitter will help you with your job search.

You will have a social network presence:

Around 95 percent of all recruiters today use social media to check out candidates before they even call them in for an interview. When you establish a Twitter account, which is typically done in about 5 minutes, you have a network presence and the start of a brand you want others to see. While social media accounts sometimes have a negative perception, it’s a great option to differentiate yourself as a positive addition to your brand. A company could also find you on Twitter and use it as a way to contact passive or active job seekers to start the conversation.

You will get access to job leads first:

The instant nature of Twitter is that once a recruiter posts a job there, it’s immediately available for candidates who are searching. Twitter is also a good way to find out about new jobs and opportunities as companies often post press releases there that talk about company expansions and recruitment events.

You can set up lists to follow:

Twitter has a unique function that allows users to set up favorite lists by industries, people and even companies. This can be a great way to sort through all the job leads and keep personal conversations from taking over. For example, you can set up a group called ‘temp jobs IL’ for all new jobs to be listed.

You can search for jobs:

Using hashtags, you can easily access a huge search engine right at your fingertips. Try looking for jobs by industry such as #HRjobs or by the location of jobs such as #chicagojobs. Be creative and think of how the recruiters are posting job leads on Twitter. Once you find a hashtag that generates a lot of jobs, continue to search for that on a consistent basis.

Work with an Award-Winning Staffing Agency:

At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, we are an award-winning financial recruiter in Chicago that helps job seekers find the right placement for their situation. Search our Twitter page for the latest job openings or contact our team today!