Do You Know Your Company’s Online Brand Can Be the Difference?

What people think about your company can make a big difference when you’re trying to attract the best talent. Bad reviews, negative ratings, and complaints from customers are easy to discover online and anybody searching for information about your company will usually find these statements and pages first. If you have disgruntled employees or employee satisfaction is relatively low, there’s also a good chance that some are posting negative reviews online or sharing negative information with friends, family members and future co-workers.

Here are some things to consider when monitoring your online brand.

What Does Your Company Look Like to Potential Employees?

Jumping on Google to do a basic keyword search and looking at the results on the search engines can make it easier for you to understand what a prospective employee might see if they were interested in your company. Negative reviews and ratings from employees on Glassdoor may appear at the top of search engine results pages, which means potential employees may have a biased view of what working at your company is really like. Take some time to disarm some of these reviews, if you can, by posting follow-up messages and making sure all profiles about your company are filled out accurately.

What Are You Doing to Promote Company Culture and Values?

Is your human resources department being proactive to promote company culture and values, or is it difficult for people to figure these things out from your website and marketing materials? Make sure you are taking extra steps to convey your core values and culture through your website, email marketing, and any correspondence related to the hiring process.

How Do People Learn About Available Jobs?

How easy is it for people to learn about available jobs with your company? If you’re not advertising jobs on your website or making updates on social media about available positions, you may be missing out on attracting a pool of quality candidates. Take the time to write up compelling job descriptions and information about your company that gets posted on all the major, reputable job sites and is also in the hands of a staffing firm. Staffing firms can be especially helpful for matching you with the right candidates and ensuring your company is presented in the best possible light.

What Are Employees Saying Online?

Websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed and Vault list information about different employers, including salary listings and responses from survey respondents. If your company has garnered many reviews from employees, this will attract the attention of prospective employees interested in learning more about the company from an insider’s perspective. Take the time to review what is being said about you in detail and consider making internal improvements, if needed. Encourage happy employees to post positive reviews to outnumber the negative posts.

Your company’s online brand can make a difference when trying to attract top talent. Working with a Chicago financial staffing firm like Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can help you find top talent and get you the professional representation you need.



Why Using Twitter Will Help Your Job Search

There’s a reason why 310 million users speaking 40 different languages worldwide are spending their time on Twitter each day. Twitter has grown to be a favorite spot for everyone from everyday citizens to celebrities to be heard by a massive audience. As Twitter has developed, it’s also become a favorite place for candidates to search for new jobs, and recruiters to connect with job seekers. At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, we have a Twitter account where you can find new job leads!

But, how can you know that your efforts at Twitter are worth it? Here are some good reasons why Twitter will help you with your job search.

You will have a social network presence:

Around 95 percent of all recruiters today use social media to check out candidates before they even call them in for an interview. When you establish a Twitter account, which is typically done in about 5 minutes, you have a network presence and the start of a brand you want others to see. While social media accounts sometimes have a negative perception, it’s a great option to differentiate yourself as a positive addition to your brand. A company could also find you on Twitter and use it as a way to contact passive or active job seekers to start the conversation.

You will get access to job leads first:

The instant nature of Twitter is that once a recruiter posts a job there, it’s immediately available for candidates who are searching. Twitter is also a good way to find out about new jobs and opportunities as companies often post press releases there that talk about company expansions and recruitment events.

You can set up lists to follow:

Twitter has a unique function that allows users to set up favorite lists by industries, people and even companies. This can be a great way to sort through all the job leads and keep personal conversations from taking over. For example, you can set up a group called ‘temp jobs IL’ for all new jobs to be listed.

You can search for jobs:

Using hashtags, you can easily access a huge search engine right at your fingertips. Try looking for jobs by industry such as #HRjobs or by the location of jobs such as #chicagojobs. Be creative and think of how the recruiters are posting job leads on Twitter. Once you find a hashtag that generates a lot of jobs, continue to search for that on a consistent basis.

Work with an Award-Winning Staffing Agency:

At Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, we are an award-winning financial recruiter in Chicago that helps job seekers find the right placement for their situation. Search our Twitter page for the latest job openings or contact our team today!