Casey Accounting & Finance Resources Recognized For Community Service

Cropped 6 x 4nch_color_logoArlington Resources/Casey Accounting & Finance Resources is proud to announce our team was recently recognized by Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) at their 2015 Friends of the Foundation Celebration!  For the last 4 years, we have held our annual CureSade 5k Run/Walk raising over $40,000 for the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.  At the 2015 Friends of the Foundation Celebration on May 27, with approximately 375 guests in attendance, NCH wanted to share with everyone what a difference a company can make by organizing a community event, and to thank Arlington Resources for our commitment to the patients they serve.  Our CureSade 5k Run/Walk is a great team building event for our group and the day is always a lot of fun!

Thank you again so very much for all that you and your colleagues do to support NCH and, most importantly, cancer patients we serve who find themselves in dire financial circumstances. Arlington Resources stands as a phenomenal example for other companies to emulate, and your team as shining stars to those whose lives they forever change.”
David Ungurean
Executive Director
Northwest Community Hospital Foundation

Our 5th annual CureSade 5k Run/Walk will be in Palatine, IL on Oct. 3.  Hope you can attend!  For additional information, please visit:


Temporary and Contract Work Booming! 6 Reasons to Consider Temporary Employment

As the job market continues to recover from previous unemployment rates, it appears that temporary and contract work is booming. Why is this? Employers are more willing to take on temporary employees as a way to find great employees and quickly fill staffing requirements while still maintaining employee skill sets. Temporary work is also an excellent option for those who are in between jobs or looking to gain career experience in a new organization.

Here, we will discuss the reasons why you should consider temporary employment and how you can benefit from this arrangement.

Learn New Skills

A temporary job is an excellent way for you to learn a new skill, especially if you need that new skill for a full-time job for which you wish to apply down the road. The new skill could be technical, physical or in the leadership field. Simply watching others around you in all of the temporary jobs you work will help you pick up on some new things you can leverage when applying for jobs elsewhere.

Flexibility of Scheduling

Flexibility is a key benefit of working temporary employment. Those who work in temporary jobs will find it very easy to arrange their schedule. This means that when you need to take time off, you can take a break in your career. As a temporary worker, you do not have to file a request with your employer for time off. Instead, you simply do not schedule another job to start until after your schedule is open again.

Make a Life Transition Easier

Life transitions, such as moving to a new state, are very difficult for some people to make successfully. Working temporary jobs can make a life transition easier for some. A temporary job will help a newly relocated person learn the culture of the area, learn what the job environment is like and much more. This will make it easier to accept a full-time job down the road because you will know what to expect on the job.

Temporary Often Leads to Regular Full-Time Position

It is quite possible that a temporary job could turn into a regular full-time position one without you even knowing it. Some companies hire temporary workers with the goal of keeping them on full-time if you are a good culture fit with the organization. The thing is, the company does not always know an opening will come up, so the employee will not know that this is a possibility. This is why you must put your best foot forward as a temporary worker.

Increase Your Network

Why not meet some new career contacts while earning a paycheck? If you love to network, temporary employment is an excellent way to do it. By working at a new company every couple of months, you will be able to add countless new people to your network. This will help improve your chances of landing a regular full-time job.

Earn Respect Within the Industry

An excellent way to earn respect within the industry is by working temporary jobs. You not only meet scores of new people, but you also build a reputation within the industry as a hardworking temporary employee. For all you know, a former temporary employer might contact you in the future for a full-time job.

There are plenty of reasons why you should work temporary jobs these days and we only touched the surface of them above. Find out more by connecting with the accounting recruitment specialists at Casey Resources.