Ways to Push Employees Outside Their Comfort Zone and Set Them Up for Success

Everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone to be successful. The more education, skills, and experience we gain, the more value we have to give employers. As an accounting manager, this is one reason why you should encourage your team members to regularly take on new challenges. The more progress they make, the more your company benefits.

Follow these guidelines to encourage your accounting staff to continuously expand their comfort zone and reach their full potential.

Get to Know Your Team

Have ongoing conversations to learn all you can about your employees on a personal level. Find out their work styles, communication preferences, professional goals, strengths, and interests. Use this information to determine which tasks to delegate to each team member, who should lead a project, and specific ways to help each employee earn a promotion. Showing commitment to your team’s professional growth helps them advance in their careers.

Provide Stretch Assignments

Give your team stretch assignments and other challenges that promote growth. Provide guidance and advice as they work to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Having space and responsibility to work independently and collaboratively develops independence and self-reliance. These skills are important for career development.

Offer Support

Demonstrate confidence in your team’s ability to independently handle their work. Your staff members need to know they can accomplish their tasks using their knowledge and skills with little oversight. This promotes the belief that they can build on their strengths and abilities to get the desired results. Being available to provide support when needed increases team trust and cohesion.

Provide Feedback

Give feedback in real-time to enhance your employees’ performance. Share what they are doing well, what can be improved, and specific ways to do so. Understanding what, how, and why change is needed encourages your team to continue to do better.

Recognize Achievements

Point out when your employees attain success on their way to reaching individual or team goals. Because reaching each milestone is important, privately and publicly acknowledge what the team member accomplished and how their results benefitted the organization. Be sure to provide bonuses, raises, and promotions when appropriate. The more you praise and reward your team, the more likely they are to continue to add value to the company.

Hire Top Performers

Encouraging your accounting team to continuously move beyond their comfort zone helps set them up for success. Getting to personally know your employees, providing stretch assignments, and offering support show you trust them to be self-reliant in solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Giving feedback and recognizing accomplishments encourages your team to continue to improve their performance.

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Hiring Trends to Anticipate in Accounting for 2015

As we begin 2015, companies are preparing their budgets for the coming year. One thing they are preparing for is hiring new employees. Within the accounting industry, there are a couple of hiring trends that employers should anticipate for 2015. We will discuss them in this post so you can prepare to hire the best talent available for your open jobs.

Hot Accounting Jobs for 2015

In 2015, the following jobs in the accounting industry will be hiring in large numbers, so be sure your company is ready to bring in the best talent.

  • Staff accountant: salary range of $46,220-$60,882 with an average of $54,257
  • Accounts payable manager: salary range of $53,994-$95,575 with an average of $74,030
  • Payroll manager: salary range of $59,612-$102,132 with an average of $80,433
  • Collections specialist: salary range of $24,175-$42,828 with an average of $33,048
  • Tax accountant: salary range of $38,633-$59,592 with an average of $48,774
  • Mortgage loan processor: salary range of $39,252-$60,352 with an average of $34,623
  • Auditing director: salary range of $94,803-$180,574 with an average of $133,183
  • Compliance manager: salary range of $75,567-$95,467 with an average of $79,889
  • Financial reporting supervisor: salary range of $77,420-$124,639 with an average of $99,519
  • Business data analyst: salary range of $45,156-$70,331 with an average of $58,325

Salary Increases in Accounting

Within the accounting industry, there are a handful of jobs that are expected to see significant raises in salary once 2015 arrives. Those jobs and salary increases include the following:

  • Audit/Assurance Services at a midsize firm: Any professional in this position who has held the job for three years will see a raise of 2.9 percent, which is a range of $56,750-$74,750.
  • Tax Services Manager at a midsize firm: Any professional who works in this profession can expect to see a raise of 3.9 percent in 2015. The salary range will increase to $88,750-$123,250.
  • Management Service Professionals at large firms: People who have worked this job for at least three years can see a salary increase of 3.1 percent in 2015. The salary range will increase to $65,750-$82,500.
  • Senior Manager/Director in Audit/Assurance Services at a small firm: These professionals can see a 3.6 percent salary increase that will move the range to $94,250-$134,500.
  • Bookkeepers at firms of all sizes: Raises of 3.0 percent in 2015 are expected for these professionals to increase the salary range to $40,750-$61,250.

As you prepare your budgets for 2015, you need to prepare for all of the hiring trends within accounting so you can bring in the proper talent for your firm.