How Can a Staffing Agency or a Recruiter Help Your Workforce Stay Agile?

There are many benefits to having a flexible workforce. Having someone else screen, interview, hire, pay and let employees move to other opportunities frees up time and money that may be invested in other areas of your business. Fortunately, a staffing agency or recruiter may help with hiring and managing your workers. Here are four ways a staffing agency or recruiter can help your workforce stay agile.

Bring in Talent When Needed

You specify the number of workers needed, the timeframe and hourly rate target, and the agency or recruiter handles the rest. If the agency or recruiter doesn’t have the best candidate for the position, they’ll recruit for the role, review applications, conduct interviews and background checks, and hire the best person. The temporary worker becomes an employee of the staffing agency or recruiter, completes their job duties for your company and receives a paycheck and benefits from the agency or recruiter until the worker is no longer needed at your company.

Quickly Fill Roles

The agency or recruiter uses various sourcing techniques to prescreen and qualify candidates. An agency representative or recruiter will learn all they can about your company’s industry, daily operations, physical workspace and equipment for the open position, responsibilities and expectations for the role, potential career paths within the organization, and other pertinent information that candidates will want to know. Likewise, the agency representative or recruiter will tell you what skills and experience each candidate possesses so you know how they may benefit your company.

Develop a Relationship With Hiring Managers

Developing a relationship with your hiring managers will expedite future hiring needs. When meeting with an agency representative or recruiter, your hiring manager should let them know what skills, experience and qualities they’re looking for in a candidate; what the salary range is; whether anything went wrong with the last hire for the role; and how the new worker may perform better than the last. The agency representative or recruiter will discuss whether the manager’s expectations are in line with the current market or how they may be altered to become more achievable.

Increase Business Without Hiring Full Time

Because expanding your company costs money, and labor is one of your greatest expenses, hiring temporary workers will control your labor costs and free up funds for growing your company. Also, when a temporary worker is no longer needed, you may either let them move on to their next opportunity, or if the staffing agency or recruiter agrees, hire them on full time for your organization.

Partner With a Top Financial Staffing Agency

These are four ways a staffing agency or recruiter can help your workforce stay agile. For assistance with your accounting and finance staffing needs, contact Casey Accounting & Finance Resources to work with a leading financial recruiter in Chicago!