How to Build Better Relationships Among Your Staff

Encouraging positive relationships among your staff is important. The more comfortable they feel working together, the more confidently they will brainstorm, develop new ideas, and voice their opinions. Open communication develops trust, respect, self-awareness, and inclusion. Developing this foundation helps your staff members more effectively create, innovate, and embrace change. It also promotes employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Implement these tips to encourage connectivity among your team.

Train on Emotional Intelligence

Talk with your staff about the ability to recognize their own emotions to better understand what they are communicating. The development of this skill helps your staff members become more adept at identifying the emotions of their coworkers. This lets your staff more effectively fill their own needs and the needs of others.

Encourage Mindful Listening

Teach your staff to listen more than they talk. This helps them focus on what is being said and how they can effectively contribute to the conversation. Also, encourage your staff to ask follow-up questions about an issue. They can uncover more information and be better prepared to overcome an obstacle. Plus, remind your staff to show empathy when helping others. Working in a supportive environment helps with problem-solving.

Promote Boundaries

Remind your staff not to let relationship-building interfere with productivity. Although they need to provide enough time to talk with coworkers, they also need to finish their work on time. This means that social interactions should take place during break times.

Ask Questions

Ask your staff members questions about their personal life. Show that you want to learn more about who they are. Share information about your own life as well. Also, find common ground that you can build on. These topics may become the subjects of future conversations. Set an example for your staff members to follow with each other.

Express Appreciation

Let your staff know how much you appreciate their efforts and results. For instance, point out one specific action each staff member took each day to contribute to the organization. Mention what the results were and how the action benefitted the company. This encourages your staff to interact in the same manner with their teammates. Such actions promote a supportive team culture.

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The stronger the relationships among your staff members, the more collaborative your team is. This increases engagement, productivity, and retention. It also improves job satisfaction, employee morale, and your bottom line.

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How to Sell Your Company to a Prospective Candidate

When it comes to attracting top talent for your company, things are so competitive in the market that you need to put out all the stops to impress the most qualified candidates. Convincing a strong candidate that your company is the best option for their career will not be easy, but if you can do it, your company will reap the benefits immensely.

Explain What Sets The Company Apart

In order to sell your company, you will need to have plenty of information at the ready for the candidate. You need to explain what is happening at the company right now and how it is working towards meeting its goals. You need to explain the corporate culture, why a prospective employee would want to work at your company and how the open role will impact all of the above. You should also provide the candidate with the short-term and long-term goals of the company and how the open position fits into those plans.

Showcase The Opportunities Of The Open Position

The next thing you need to do is provide the candidate with information about the job. Be as specific as possible when telling the candidate what the job responsibilities will be so they can fully understand what they are getting themselves into if they accept an offer of employment.

You should also discuss the goals of the position. Provide goals that can be met in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and beyond. Let the candidate know how he or she will fit into the current team and why the company needs to fill the position. You need to be as honest about this last part as possible. If the previous employee was promoted, fired or left for another company, the candidate deserves to know.

Share A Strong Benefits Package

All prospective job candidates want to know what their compensation and benefits will be prior to accepting an offer of employment. When you call a candidate to offer him or her a job, be prepared to discuss salary, benefits, vacation time, potential for raises, time period for promotion and much more. Once you offer up all of this information, you should allow the candidate time to think about what they have been offered. Let them consider the offer for a period of 48 hours so they can speak with a spouse or do a little more research about your company.

Selling your company to a prospective candidate does not have to be impossible. When you can sell your firm to a qualified employee, it makes the process of finding and retaining top talent much easier.