Observations Regarding the January 2018 Employment Situation

“January 2018 was a solid month, reassuring in that it eliminated any anxiety that may have been caused by December’s below trend performance. The unemployment rate remained constant for the fourth consecutive month at 4.1 percent suggesting that the tight labor market may not be contracting as quickly as expected. Moreover, the labor force participation rate also remained constant for the fourth consecutive month, at 62.7 percent. The most encouraging metric in the report was the improvement in average hourly earnings which grew at a year-overyear rate of 2.9%, the highest rate since April of 2009. While one month does not make a trend, this is a long-awaited step in the right direction.”

To read more: check out the full report here:

January 2018 Employment Report

2018 Accounting and Finance Salary Survey Available!

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources has compiled updated salary data for the fields of accounting and finance. With the start of 2018 now passed and the recruitment industry getting busy, having the most up-to-date information is vital!

With compensation trends changing on a monthly basis, both sides can benefit from having this information during job negotiations.

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can help financial professionals who want to learn more about what salary expectations should be. We have compiled our salary survey list with updated facts and figures including job descriptions for more than 110 accounting and finance positions for the Chicago metropolitan area.

Email us today at FinancialSalarySurvey@caseyresources.com and we will be happy to share this with you.  In the “YOUR MESSAGE” section, please enter “2018 Accounting & Finance Salary Survey”.

Exciting News for Casey Accounting & Finance Resources!

As Casey Accounting & Finance Resources completes our 42th year in business, we are committed as ever to being a strategic partner helping our clients locate top Accounting & Finance talent and staffing resources for their organizations.  Through our affiliation with Arlington Resources we are very proud to announce our combined accomplishments in 2017, including:

  • Forbes 2017 Lists of America’s Best Recruitment Firms
  • Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2017;
  • 2017 List of Best and Brightest Companies To Work For®in Chicago and Nation; 
  • Inavero’s 2017 Best of Staffing® Client Award; and
  • Inavero’s 2017 Best of Staffing® Talent Award.  

One of our strategic goals for 2018 is to expand our resources to further help our clients, not only in the Chicago area, but by expanding our reach nationwide.  To accomplish this, we are very excited to announce that on December 25, 2017 we became part of the CornerStone Staffing Solutions family, a $100+ million staffing firm with offices in California, Nevada, Michigan, Texas, New Jersey and Maryland. 

Our firms, Casey Accounting & Finance Resources, Arlington Resources and CornerStone Staffing Solutions, exhibit strong core values, have stellar reputations for “doing the right thing” for and with our customers and associates, and our core competencies match well. We are very excited about our partnership and the additional resources we can offer our clients!

Most importantly, we will continue to operate under the Casey Accounting & Finance Resources brand name with the same great Casey Accounting & Finance Resources team and the same great Casey Accounting & Finance Resources service!  

We look forward to 2018 with best wishes for good health, happiness and prosperity in 2018!


Our Top Financial Job Search Tips from 2017

As we head into the new year, you should be setting goals for what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. One of your goals may be to find a new accounting or finance job. Here are our top financial job search tips from 2017.

Monitor Your LinkedIn Profile  

Because a hiring manager will likely view your LinkedIn profile when you apply for a position, you want to present yourself in a highly professional manner. For example, mention your accomplishments, such as how you helped your team secure a substantial account with a big client. Participate in LinkedIn Groups to interact with other professionals in your field and show you’re a thought leader. In addition, use Open Candidate to connect with hiring managers and recruiters without your current employer finding out.

Highlight Your Accounting Skills and Accomplishments   

List your technical skills, including proficiency in SAP, Oracle, Sage and other high-level software that set you apart from the competition. Also, mention the accomplishments you achieved in previous positions, such as taking on more responsibility and creating desired results. Ensure you quantify your success to show how strong your performance was. Mention how well you prepare an income statement, balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, statement of cash flow and other financial statements. Furthermore, explain how you pay attention to detail when performing financial analysis.

Find Work When You Are Unemployed

There are many methods of finding work when you’re unemployed. Use social media for networking. Update your Facebook profile to show what type of role you’re looking for and what your skills and experience are, then reach out to your friends and ask if they know of any openings. Use LinkedIn to connect with former colleagues, supervisors and executives you worked with and hiring managers at companies that interest you. Follow companies you’d like to work for on LinkedIn and Twitter so you can be notified when they have job openings. Continue building your skill set. Volunteer with a nonprofit organization that provides services you’re passionate about. Include the fundraising, email marketing, event management or other skills you gained on your resume. In addition, continue personal and professional development. Take on temporary and contract projects that enhance your skills and may lead to full-time work. Participate in a class or professional association related to your field. Furthermore, work with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. Contact them to see how they’d like to receive your cover letter and resume. Appropriately prepare for your interview. Follow up weekly without becoming bothersome. Show gratitude for the recruiter’s assistance.

Partner With a Leading Financial Staffing Agency in Chicago

While updating your resume and LinkedIn profile will help you find a job for the new year, take the next step and work with an award-winning financial staffing agency in Chicago. Contact Casey Accounting & Finance Resources!



What Tools Are on Your List for 2018? 10 Innovative Technology Tools for Talent Acquisition

At a recent Illinois Search and Staffing Association meeting, various tools for talent acquisition were discussed.  During the presentation, the company Talent Tech Labs was identified as an industry leader in the evaluation of emerging technologies for talent acquisition.  Upon further research, according to Talent Tech Labs, the top and most innovative technology tools include:

  • Employer Branding – Technology for monitoring your reputation for your organization and, more importantly, your value proposition for your employees
  • Mobile Recruitment – Technology for addressing candidates through Smartphone applications and social technology
  • Analytics Platform – Taking big data and analyzing the information to help in achieving better informed decisions
  • Candidate Relationship Management – Technology to manage relationships with potential and future hires
  • Video Interviewing – Using video technology to streamline the interview process
  • Online Assessments – Talent assessments are used as a part of an online screening process to help determine which candidates have the skills required
  • Referral Platform – Automates your referral process to get more candidates and more hires
  • Job Marketing and Distribution – Technology to market your jobs and get the proper distribution out to the potential network of candidates
  • Recruitment Chatbots/AI Enhanced Processing – To improve the candidate’s experience, a Chatbot can help recruiters collect information on candidates, ask screening questions, answer frequently asked questions and schedule interviews with human recruiters.
  • Digital Reference Checks – Automate the reference checking process

Talent Tech Labs engages in investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of emerging technologies that can improve the state of play in talent acquisition through collaboration and connecting early-stage companies with forward thinkers in the industry. To keep on top of talent acquisition technology, learn more at www.TalentTechLabs.com.


A Season of Thanks!

As Thanksgiving is upon us, we once again reflect on how fortunate we are and what we are grateful for in our everyday lives! We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

• I am grateful that I have been able to work with such gifted and motivated people. We are a group of people that works hard AND plays hard! I am also grateful for my orange cat, Hans, who can always make me smile no matter what kind of day I’m having. Beverly

• I am grateful for the people in my life that are my cheerleaders and support me in everything I do! Cheryl

• I am grateful to the organization that I work for. I am grateful to the clients and candidates that I assist and continue to build long lasting relationships. Lastly, I am very grateful to the leadership team of both Arlington Resources and Casey Accounting & Finance Resources. Their dedication, vision and loyalty are very admirable. Eileen

• I’m thankful to be part of a great group of recruiters working for a company that truly values its employees. Adam

• I am grateful for being part of a team that is dedicated to making an amazing difference in the lives of our clients, candidates, and colleagues. I am also very thankful that I am able to participate in rescuing responsibly and saving precious lives by fostering and volunteering with an incredible dog rescue. Chrisoula

• I’m thankful for the terrific team of people I work with each day. Pete

• I’m thankful for having the means to have traveled so much this year, for my family’s health, and being able to provide for them by doing what I love, with a company I believe in. Noori

• I am thankful for being a part of an amazing team and getting to work with candidates who truly have a passion for what they do! I am also grateful for my amazing fiancé and my little furry family who have put a smile on my face every day! Elizabeth

• I am grateful for my health, family, friends, and for my continued career with Arlington Resources! Erika

• I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people: co-workers, clients and candidates! I’m also grateful for my old horse that still likes to go out on trail rides. Freedom is a wonderful thing! Denise

• I’m thankful that my co-workers trust me with their IT issues, and that my Arlington Resources family is always keeping me on my toes.” Jake

• I am thankful for bringing a baby boy into this world and being able to juggle working fulltime at a job that impacts people’s lives! Erin

• I am thankful for my health, success, and happiness. I am grateful for the company I work for and the relationships I have made with candidates, clients, and coworkers over the past 2 years! Brooke

• I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given working for a truly exceptional company as well as the amazing candidates and clients we serve! Jess

• I am grateful, once again, to be a part of this wonderful team! Renee

• I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the staffing industry for the past 30 years! Little did I know what a great career this would be when I first starting calling on clients to see how we could help make a difference in their lives by finding them great candidates. Our new mission statement sums it all up: We are dedicated to making an amazing difference in the lives of our clients, candidates and colleagues! I have been blessed working with great people and having an amazing, supportive family! Patty

Trends in Contingent Staffing

At a recent conference for the National Association of Personnel Services, the following trends were identified for the contingent workforce:

  • 96% of companies use contract staffing
  • 83% of companies say that contractors work harder than full-time employees
  • It is projected that 73% of companies will switch to having their full-time employees be C-Suite level and the rest will be part-time and contract employees

In addition, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, when they asked the companies, “What is the size of your contingent workforce?” the average response for 2017 was 20%.  They anticipate by 2027 their contingent workforce will be 25% of their workforce including:  Direct Temporary Workers, Independent Contractors, Human Cloud Workers and Agency Temporaries.

At CASEY ACCOUNTING & FINANCE RESOURCES, we are dedicated to making an amazing difference in the lives of our clients, candidates and colleagues.  Some of our recent temporary accounting and finance placements include the following:


A/P Clerk-Temporary-Schaumburg, IL
Cash App Specialist-Temporary-Lincolnwood, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Des Plaines, IL
A/R Specialist-Temporary-Elk Grove Village, IL
Accounting Clerk-Temporary-Deerfield, IL
Tax Accountant-Temporary-Arlington Heights, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Chicago, IL
Payroll Manager-Temporary-Northbrook, IL
Collections-Temporary-Wood Dale, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Lombard, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Mount Prospect, IL
Sr. Accountant-Temporary-Bridgeview, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Mount Prospect, IL
Credit Analyst-Temporary-Chicago, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-Northlake, IL
Staff Accountant-Temporary-Northlake, IL
Accountant-Temporary-Glenview, IL
Bookkeeper-Temporary-Schaumburg, IL
Payroll Associate-Temporary-Hoffman Estates, IL
A/P Clerk-Temporary-LaGrange, IL

In addition, we are busy helping our clients hire regular full-time staff to their teams!  Some of our recent placements include the following:


Credit Analyst-Chicago, IL
Sr. Accountant-Chicago, IL
Payroll Specialist-Northbrook, IL
Accountant-Schaumburg, IL
Financial Analyst-Northlake, IL
Accounting Clerk-Rolling Meadows, IL
Billing Analyst-Deerfield, IL
Payroll Manager-Chicago, IL
Bookkeeper-Schaumburg, IL
Sr. Accountant-Deerfield, IL
Payroll Manager-Chicago, IL
Financial Analyst-Schaumburg, IL
Sr. Accountant-Chicago, IL
Payroll Specialist-Rosemont, IL


Considering Hiring a New Grad? Here’s a Guide to Making It Work

Hiring new grads can be beneficial for your company. Recent grads can use their knowledge-based foundation and transferrable skills to help move your organization forward. Follow these guidelines to successfully hire new grads.

Know How to Connect

Aside from recruiting at college career fairs, there are many ways to connect with new grads. Use your company website, social media and job boards to post openings and engage with followers. Also, have an employee referral program in place to find new talent as they enter the workforce. Ask for referrals from clients, vendors, consultants and other business partners to increase your candidate pool.

Market Your Company

Create engaging posts, photos and videos to provide information on your company mission and values, culture, available entry-level opportunities and potential for advancement. Emphasize that your interview process involves working with candidates to determine which position may be the best fit for them. In addition, mention the educational backgrounds you’re looking for without being too narrow in your search.

Help Visualize Employment

Introduce them to employees with similar backgrounds and experiences. Show candidates the area they’ll be working in if they’re offered a position. Discuss what will be expected of candidates daily.

Emphasize Soft Skills

Critical thinking, time management, leadership and strong communication skills are essential traits for any position. You can ask candidates to provide an example of how they successfully applied soft skills in a previous job, volunteer role, sports team or other extracurricular activities. After hiring candidates, you can provide direction on successfully applying soft skills to their new roles.

Welcome New Grads

Ensure each new grad has at least eight to 12 weeks of departmental or mentor-based training. You may want to assign both an experienced mentor and a recent college grad with two years’ experience to assist during the training process. Also, make sure your new grads begin contributing to the organization within weeks of their start date so they feel like valued members of your team. Utilize new grads’ technology skills to teach managers and coworkers how to use new software. Encourage new grads to provide input for company operations to help with innovation.

Provide Ongoing Constructive Feedback

Give new grads real-time constructive feedback to improve their performance. Praise proper behaviors while suggesting steps to improve in areas that need work. Address issues as they occur to improve current and future outcomes.

Work With a Top Financial Staffing Agency in Chicago

For help finding new accounting or finance candidates, contact Casey Accounting & Finance Resources and partner with a top financial recruiter in Chicago!


Register for Our Annual 5kCureSade – Oct. 7

Come support Casey Accounting & Finance Resources and Arlington Resources and run/walk with us at our annual 5kCureSade to help raise money for the Northwest Community Hospital Cancer Patient Assistance Fund! 100 percent of the funds will be donated to benefit the Northwest Community Hospital Cancer Patient Assistance Fund. NCH’s Cancer Patient Assistance Fund offers small, short-term grants to cancer patients to cover their basic living expenses, such as rent, groceries, gas and auto repairs.

You can find more information about the program here: http://www.nch.org/giving/foundation/funding_needed.php

The 5k will be taking place Saturday, Oct. 7 at the Deer Grove East Forest Preserve (Red Loop Trail – Shelter One) at Dundee and Hicks Road in Palatine, IL (60074). Check-in and same day registration runs from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and the race time is at 9 a.m. The online registration fee is $30 until Sept. 30, $35 day of the race. Please register early to guarantee a long sleeve lightweight full zip jacket.

You can register for the race here:

We also accept donations here:

Our USA Track and Field Sanctioned Event will be professionally timed.

TEAM CHALLENGE: Top 3 runners from a team will win a trophy and $100 gift certificate for their team! Please identify your Team Name when registering online.

INDIVIDUALS: Top male and female runners will each win a $100 gift certificate. The top three females and males in each age group will be awarded (exclusive of top male and female runner): 17 & under, 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you on the trail!


Celebrating 20 Years!

We are excited to be celebrating the 20th anniversary with our sister company, Arlington Resources, this month!

With this upcoming celebration, we look at the role of flexible staffing in the work force and where it is today. The temp penetration rate — temp jobs as a percent of total employment — rose to 2.069% in July 2017.  “The temporary penetration rate continues to increase at a solid pace, even at record levels, giving more evidence of a secular shift,” said Tony Gregoire, Director of Research, The Americas, at Staffing Industry Analysts.

As more workers in America look for alternative work arranges and additional opportunities to supplement their incomes, temporary and contract staffing services can fulfill their needs. With nearly thirty-one percent of workers within the United States currently employed as contingent workers, companies are granted access to a more diverse, and affordable, group of employees. Thus this rise of the role of temp jobs in today’s workforce can lead to a competitive edge for companies throughout America.

We look forward to helping you with your recruiting and staffing needs!