Casey Accounting and Finance Resources Wins Best of Staffing 2019

Casey Resources is excited to announce we have won the Best of Staffing award for Client Satisfaction and Talent Satisfaction. What sets us apart as one of the best accounting and finance recruiting firms in Chicagoland? Check out these testimonials from our clients who hired Casey Accounting & Finance Resources to provide recruitment services, finding them the talent for both direct hire and temporary placement they needed for their team!

  • “I feel that I have received more openness and honesty from Casey on hard to fill positions than I have received from some other firms.”
  • “Personal attention and good common sense recruiting. Our needs are considered and carefully considered and there is no pressure to deviate skills required. The recruiting experiences have always been honest and upfront.”
  • “Casey knows what our company is looking for in the way of AR and AP clerical staff. They find us candidates who suit our needs well. They don’t waste our time sending us resumes for individuals who don’t meet our qualifications or otherwise would be a bad fit.”
  • “The service that has been provided over the number of years. Casey Accounting has always been professional.”

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Increase Your Salary This Year With These Simple Tips!

Although most employees deserve a raise at various times, few actually ask for one. Employees may feel intimidated by their manager or uncomfortable talking about money. However, asking for a salary increase is an essential skill that increases your financial wellness and career success. Therefore, now is the time to learn about asking for a raise.

Understand Your Worth

For instance, focus on your responsibilities. Perhaps you lead projects or took on special initiatives that your colleagues would not. Make a list of your top accomplishments and specific ways they impacted your department and the company. Perhaps you participated in training programs to gain additional skills, brought in a significant amount of new business or became certified in your field.

Research Your Salary Range

Use market data sites such as, PayScale and Glassdoor to determine the market average of similar job listings with companies of comparable size in your geographic area that offer similar benefits. Create a spreadsheet of your findings to see how your current salary compares. If you have connections with local hiring managers or recruiters, ask them to look at your resume and provide you a realistic salary request for your position and experience. Use the numbers to justify your request.

Consider How Your Manager Will Benefit

Share your goals to enhance business and what steps you will take to achieve them. Also, ask your manager what goals they would like to see you achieve and determine how you can attain them. Finding out how you can fill their needs will place you in a more advantageous position for getting what you desire.

Prepare for Potential Outcomes

If your request is declined, ask for specific ways you can improve your performance and potentially earn more compensation. Set a time to resume the conversation in a few months. Also, if your manager cannot give you a raise due to budget restrictions, negotiate for more paid time off or other increase in benefits.

Ask at an Appropriate Time

If you ask for a raise after achieving a substantial accomplishment, during a positive performance review or before the fiscal year ends, your manager may be more inclined to grant your request. Other good times include when you take on a new project or assume a new leadership role.

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2019 Accounting and Finance Salary Survey Available!

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources has compiled updated salary data for the fields of accounting and finance. With the start of 2019 now passed and the recruitment industry getting busy, having the most up-to-date information is vital!

With compensation trends changing on a monthly basis, both sides can benefit from having this information during job negotiations.

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can help financial professionals who want to learn more about what salary expectations should be. We have compiled our salary survey list with updated facts and figures including job descriptions for more than 110 accounting and finance positions for the Chicago metropolitan area.

Email us today at and we will be happy to share this with you.  In the “YOUR MESSAGE” section, please enter “2019 Accounting & Finance Salary Survey”.

End of the Year Hiring

With the New Year close at hand, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a great new hire or new position to start off the New Year! Below is a list of our recent placements demonstrating our team’s success in helping companies identify top talent!  With our track record and our extensive network, how can we help you?

Recently Filled Direct Hire Positions and Industry:

  • Chief Financial Officer – Health Care Services
  • Corporate Controller – Manufacturer
  • Sr. Accountant – Social Services
  • Sr. Accountant – Manufacturer
  • Payroll Specialist – Engineering Manufacturer
  • Payroll & Benefits Administrator – Health Care Manufacturer
  • Jr. Accountant – Printing
  • Payroll Manager – Manufacturer
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Electronics Manufacturer
  • Accountant – Recycling Services
  • Payroll Manager – Financial Services
  • Sales Administrator – Manufacturer
  • Database Administrator – Nonprofit Association
  • Accounts Receivable Specialist – Printing

Recently Filled Contract Positions and Industry:

  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Professional Services
  • Staff Accountant – Education
  • Payroll Administrator – Manufacturer
  • Credit & Collections Specialist – Distributor
  • Property Accountant – Real Estate
  • Payroll Analyst – Manufacturer
  • Accounting Clerk – Construction
  • Payroll Specialist – Manufacturer
  • Staff Accountant – Financial Services
  • Staff Accountant – Education
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Manufacturer
  • Payroll Associate – Professional Services
  • Credit & Collections Specialist – Manufacturer
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Manufacturer

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Top Accounting Talent Available – October Newsletter

TITLE:   Senior Financial Analyst  #101241

Areas of expertise:  Financial modeling, budgets, forecasts, trend analysis

Noteworthy:   SAP & Excel guru

Available for Contract and Contract to Hire Roles


TITLE:   Payroll Tax Analyst  #126944

Areas of expertise:   Federal, local, Multi-State payroll tax filings

Noteworthy:   in-depth knowledge of payroll tax laws and regulations

Available for Contract and Contract to Hire Roles


TITLE:   Accounting Manager  #152217

Areas of expertise:  Financial Statements, Cost Accounting, inventory

Noteworthy:   5+ year plant MFG industry experience

Available for Contract and Contract to Hire Roles


TITLE:   Senior Accountant  #113994

Areas of expertise:  Month-End Close, Reporting, Balance Sheet Analysis

Noteworthy:  SAP experience, Excel (pivot tables and v lookups)

Available for Contract Roles


TITLE:   Accounts Payable  #137118

Areas of expertise:  Full-Cycle Accounts Payable, 3-way match

Noteworthy:  great work history

Available for Contract and Contract to Hire Roles


Technology: Use These Tech Tools to Minimize the Time Spent on Mundane Tasks

No matter your industry or size of your company, technology plays a large role in daily operations. Choosing the right technology for your needs can streamline processes and increase productivity. Consider taking advantage of these tech tools to handle mundane tasks.

Social Media Tools

Use social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or CoSchedule to interact with employees, job candidates, and customers. For instance, create a platform for scheduling, monitoring, and responding to social conversations. Also, immediately address customer questions and concerns to resolve issues and build brand loyalty. Plus, receive analytics to assist with creating your short- and long-term social strategy for growth.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ActiveCampaign to personalize your process for moving prospects through your customer funnel. For instance, implement a platform to directly connect with customers and track campaign performance. Also, integrate your platform with third-party services to increase your effectiveness.

Workflow Automation

Implement workflow automation tools such as OnTask, Integrify, or to streamline operational tasks. For instance, workflow software can increase productivity, speed up processes, and improve accuracy on procedures such as contract management, vendor communication, recruiting, onboarding, and processing invoices. Also, workflow automation supports your ability to grow and scale your business. After you implement flexible internal processes, employees at all levels can use the procedures in any department.

Internal Communication Tools

Take advantage of internal communication tools like GChat, Microsoft’s Teams, or Slack. For instance, many email providers or software companies offer tools for answering quick questions, participating in group chats, sharing documents, or making calls through the internet. Many of these tools are successfully used at companies of all sizes, industries, and employee demographics.

Internet of Things

Incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into daily tasks. For instance, involve a voice-activated intelligent work assistant in preparing a conference room, beginning and ending a meeting, and a seemingly endless variety of other skills. Also, use sensor performance and other monitoring technology to control utility costs, track inventory and other assets, and improve processes.

Artificial Intelligence  

Make artificial intelligence a part of your business processes. Gain insight into customer purchasing behavior by collecting data and determining usual patterns and trends to more effectively market your products/services. For instance, use social media behavior and app location to share ads relevant to your local customers in real time.


Add blockchain technology to your business processes. Blockchain is an open access shared ledger that records transactions between parties and allows users to agree on its contents. New information is added in blocks, creating a chain. Because the ledger is verified by miners, it ensures accuracy and creates an audit trail. Past records can be viewed but not altered without the majority’s consent. Because blockchain is an excellent accounting tool, accountants spend less time on bookkeeping, reconciliations, and other mundane tasks and more time on interpreting the information and making decisions.

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2018 Mid-Year Accounting and Finance Salary Survey Available!

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources has compiled updated salary data for the fields of accounting and finance. Having passed the middle portion of 2018, having the most up-to-date information is vital!

With compensation trends changing on a monthly basis, both sides can benefit from having this information during job negotiations.

Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can help financial professionals who want to learn more about what salary expectations should be. We have compiled our salary survey list with updated facts and figures including job descriptions for more than 110 accounting and finance positions for the Chicago metropolitan area.

Email us today at and we will be happy to share this with you.  In the “YOUR MESSAGE” section, please enter “2018 Mid-Year Accounting & Finance Salary Survey”.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!


7 Steps to Keeping Your Remote Workers Engaged

If your company employs remote workers, you face unique challenges keeping them engaged with the rest of the team. Fortunately, many of the motivational methods used in the office also can be used with remote workers.

1. Provide a Communication Platform

Because remote workers need to be included in team projects and company news, provide a platform for effective communication. When employees remain informed about company issues, they remember they are part of a larger organization and play a vital role in its success. Remote employees also feel like valued members of the business when their colleagues and manager regularly keep in contact with them.

2. Recognize Results

Since remote workers are often more productive than office workers, provide recognition for their accomplishments. Ensure the recognition is highly visible to co-workers, so they know the contributions being made on a regular basis. The company website and online collaboration tools make recognizing remote workers simple.

3. Clarify goals

By clarifying goals, remote workers know what your expectations are and whether they are being met. Provide remote workers with clear direction on company objectives and paths for reaching them. Give regular feedback on progress, so remote workers can resolve issues, remain on task and improve performance.

4. Emphasize Production

As long as deadlines are being met, focus more on what remote workers are producing than when it is being produced. Since remote workers know how to organize their time for maximum results, it is more important they understand workflows and keep up accordingly. Benchmarking success based on results builds both trust and long-term employee happiness.

5. Get to Know Remote Workers

Show a personal interest in your remote workers. For example, meet with them individually to learn about their family, friends, hobbies and other interests. Also, find out what their career goals are, what fuels their passion and how you can help them succeed. On a regular basis, offer words of congratulations or support as their circumstances change.

6. Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Establish a regular check-in system with remote workers. Keep in mind potential differences in work schedules, personalities and time zones. Discuss times when remote workers generally can answer phone calls, emails and other messages, so you can touch base. Talk about their successes, obstacles, issues and concerns each week. Provide the resources and support necessary for your remote workers to succeed. If possible, have them come to the office at least once a quarter to participate in meetings, spend time with colleagues, and increase camaraderie.

7. Invest in Professional Development

Provide remote workers with ongoing professional development opportunities. Encourage them to enhance their skill set and reach career goals. Remote workers can participate in webinars, seminars, conferences and trade shows. They gain insight into the industry, stay current on developments and trends, and become even more valued members of your organization.

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Strong Economy, Robust Hiring, and 8 Staffing Trends!

As recruiting for talented staff becomes more difficult, Casey Accounting & Finance Resources is experiencing record levels of placements for accounting and finance talent.  Our secret to success?  Dedicated recruiters with an average of over 10 years recruiting accounting & finance talent.

As the demand for increasing workforces continues, Staffing Industry Analyst has identified eight trends affecting staffing including the following:

  • The global economy is doing OK
  • Technology/automation
  • Skills shortages
  • Legislation
  • Gig economy
  • Public perception
  • Procurement sophistication
  • Rise of Asia

For additional information on these 8 trends, please click here: Read More