Show Your Finance Boss You’re Ready for More Responsibility With These Tips!

After investing several years into your finance career, you are ready for more responsibility. Let your manager know you want to take on additional leadership roles and move up in the organization. Show you are management material because of your attitude and willingness to do more than what your job description calls for. Follow these guidelines to work toward promotion.

Communicate Your Career Goals

Sit down with your manager to share your career goals. Let them know where you see yourself in six months to a year. Ask for opportunities to help you grow and keep you on track for achieving your goals. Your manager may be able to assign special projects to help you build new skill sets for a more advanced role or put in a good word for you when an opportunity for advancement arises.

Solve Problems

When a problem comes up, actively work to solve it. For instance, rather than telling your manager about an issue and waiting for a solution, strategically think about what needs to be done, share your plan with your manager, and take action. Or, if you believe there are ways to more efficiently complete your work, test your solutions and present your manager with your results. Show that you take the initiative to further your company’s success.

Be a Team Player

Focus on collaboration whenever possible. Employers want workers who are committed to the team and the greater good of the company. Going above and beyond makes you stand out when it comes time for promotion. For instance, volunteer to help with things before being asked. And, take on additional tasks because you want to rather than for immediate reward.

Continue Learning

Find learning opportunities both in and outside the office. Show you are serious about your career and take action to get to where you want to go. For instance, ask to be put on projects with other departments, participate in monthly webinars, or attend conferences.

Document Your Success

Write down the value you bring to your employer. Leadership wants to see you are invested in the business, why you are successful and how you improved the company. Create a working portfolio of what you accomplish throughout each year. Once you complete a project or set a personal or company record, document it. Focus on the most important details, including how you enhanced the bottom line, put the business in a good light, demonstrated innovation or showed loyalty to the company.

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