How Can You Find a Job As an Unemployed but Qualified Worker?

Even though you’re a qualified worker, you may be unemployed due to circumstances beyond your control. Perhaps you were downsized or let go for having a difference of opinion with a supervisor about a new product or service being offered. Even though finding a job may be difficult, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of being called in for an interview. Follow these guidelines for finding a job when you’re unemployed but qualified.

Use Social Media

Because networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job, use social media to discover opportunities. For example, reach out to your Facebook friends and let them know you’re seeking a position. On your profile, specify what role you’re looking for and what your skills and experience are. People are typically open to helping others, so odds are you’ll find job leads. Also, use LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, supervisor, and executives you’ve worked with, as well as hiring managers at companies you’d like to work for. Join professional groups in your industry, as well. You’ll most likely get in touch with someone who can alert you to a job opening and potentially help you secure an interview. In addition, follow companies you want to work for on LinkedIn and Twitter. You’ll be notified when those companies have openings.

Showcase Your Skills

During your job search, continue showcasing and building your skills. For example, you may work with an interview coach to enhance your techniques. Also, you may volunteer with a nonprofit organization whose mission you’re passionate about. Be sure to list on your resume the experiences and skills you picked up, such as fundraising, email marketing or managing events. Potential employers want to know what you were participating in while searching for your next job.

Enlist a Recruiter

Consider working with a recruiter who specializes in your field. Determine what preferences they have for submitting your cover letter and resume. Most recruiters prefer a specific format submitted through email. If you update your resume, let the recruiter know. Follow through by doing what you say you’ll do to enhance your search process. Stay in touch weekly with the recruiter, but don’t become bothersome. Show gratitude for the recruiter’s role in your job search. Remain connected for the next time you need help securing a role.

Continue Developing

Continue personal and professional development when securing your next job. For example, take on temporary assignments or consulting work to show employers what skills you possess and how employers may benefit. Those assignments may lead to permanent work. Consider attending a class related to your industry. Participate in professional associations. If you want to change careers, volunteer in your desired field so you gain insight into whether it truly fits your interests and needs.

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