3 Ways to Make Employee Reviews Less Stressful

Employee reviews or performance reviews can be stressful on a manager, especially if they haven’t worked directly with the employee for a significant period of time or are new to the position. Employee reviews are necessary for improving productivity and ensuring your good employees stay for the long-term. However, there are some things you can do to make review time a smooth, simple, and productive process.

Here are three ways to make employee reviews less stressful.

1. Conduct ongoing reviews.

Instead of just doing one annual review, consider conducing ongoing reviews so that you are addressing key areas of concern as they happen. Conducting ongoing reviews also opens up the line of communication and makes it easier to correct problems as they occur. You also can pass along compliments and share good information at these consistent meetings. Waiting an extended period of time to address a problem with an employee isn’t successful for anyone.

2. Ask the employee for feedback.

Very few managers will take the lead on asking for a critique of their own management style or behavior from an employee. However, this type of information can be very valuable because it can help you determine whether you and the employee can get along and what needs to be improved. Don’t be afraid to ask the employee what they like and dislike about your relationship so that you can both focus on improving things. Constructive criticism makes you a better leader, makes the department better and makes the company better.

3. Create an action plan together.

You’ll have both positive and negative points to share during an employee review. Be prepared to list everything out and work through the items together. The goal is to create an action plan to turn as many negatives into a positive. Get a verbal agreement or consensus on next steps so that you can work towards a better relationship and help the employee perform better at their job.

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What Are the Best Ways to Deal with Co-Workers Who Annoy You?

You may try hard to get along with everyone at the office but there will always be at least one co-worker who you can’t stand to work with. The good news is you’re not alone. Many people end up working at jobs where they can’t stand a co-worker’s work habits or have difficulty communicating with certain people. While you might not be able to change jobs to get away from these people, there are some things you can do to make your days at the office more manageable. Here are some of the best ways to deal with co-workers who annoy you.

Ask Yourself What Really Ticks You Off

Sometimes it’s just a personality trait, quirk, or even way of speaking that makes you feel annoyed. Maybe that person reminds you of somebody you dislike or didn’t get along with in the past. It could be something as simple as this but you simply aren’t aware of it when you interact with this person. When you identify where these feelings are coming from, it may be easier to deal with that annoying co-worker. Taking a step back to determine what is causing your frustration makes it easier to find a resolution.

Don’t Be in Reactive Mode

If you find yourself spending a good portion of your day getting irritated by something a co-worker says or does, you may be stuck in reactive mode. Some self-awareness will make you realize that you have a knee-jerk reaction to this person. If you can make an effort to recognize a trigger and simply not react right away, your days at work may be a lot more tolerable. As soon as you hear that trigger, remember they probably aren’t pressing your buttons on purpose and it’s just part of who they are. (You may be doing the same thing to someone else!)

Be Comfortable with Not Liking Everybody

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone at the office but you do need to find ways to simply get along. Get comfortable with the idea that you are not supposed to like everybody — and they aren’t supposed to like you, either. You can maintain a professional relationship even if you don’t personally like someone. Just keep a friendly distance and stay focused on your work and more positive relationships.

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The 6 “R’s” in Recruiting!

Finding great candidates is every recruiter’s dream come true!   A great employee helps a company grow and be successful. Being aware of The 6 “R’s” in Recruiting will put you ahead of the rest of the organizations vying for the top candidates and victory will be yours!


What is being said about your organization on social media sites such as Glassdoor and Facebook?  When a Google search is done of your company, what reviews are showing up and how many stars appear? Managing your brand and responding to good and bad reviews will put you in a good light with candidates. Candidates want to see good reviews and positive experiences when applying to work at an organization.

Responsive Design Websites

Are your recruiting applications and communications available on a mobile platform?  Constantly using smartphones, candidates are looking for new opportunities.  Will they be able to find yours?  Post short videos about your jobs on YouTube and incorporate a link from Google Maps so candidates can find you.


Great referral programs bring in high-caliber candidates to your organization.  Need we say more!

Reduce your Hiring Time

Speed is important.  Candidates lose interest when the hiring process is dragged out.  Take a look at how long it takes to hire a candidate from start to finish and see where you can tighten your process.


Get it right and check their references.  Automated reference checking programs increase the response rate and accuracy of the reference checks.

Recruiting Firm

Working with a highly regarded staffing and recruiting firm can help significantly in finding great candidates quickly!  Let Casey Accounting & Finance Resources find top financial staff for you!