Quiet Personality? Loud Workplace? Here’s How to Be Successful

If you’re an introvert by nature and prefer to work alone, finding the right fit in the modern workplace can be a challenge. People who are quiet, reserved, and introspective may seem like they don’t get along with others, but that is usually far from the truth. These types tend to thrive when they have their own space but can do well in a group setting with some self awareness and self confidence.

Use the following tips to be successful in the workplace if you are an introvert.

Be Prepared for Meetings

If the idea of being singled out in a meeting or having to give a presentation makes you nervous, make sure you’re prepared. Review documents and materials that will help you give an intelligent response if you do end up getting asked a question during the meeting. Ask for an agenda from the meeting organizer so you know what to expect. Being well prepared for meetings can make it easier for you to get through those few hours with minimal stress and anxiety.

Learn to De-Stress in Any Situation

Anxiety and tension can make your work days a little more stressful. If you have a hard time relaxing and staying focused at work, take the time to de-stress using natural methods and techniques. Take deep breaths before a meeting, make sure you get to work early so you aren’t getting anxious about being late to the office, and try and stay focused in the middle of workplace conflicts. If you work in a very loud work environment, use headphones or take breaks when things get stressful, so you don’t feel too stressed out all day long.

Be Confident in Your Abilities

Be confident in your strengths and continue to build your skill set, nurturing your talents and appreciating the unique qualities you bring to the table. People will see results no matter what your personality type may be — you don’t necessarily have to be the loudest or most visible person in the office to do a great job. Stay focused on what you do best, don’t feel threatened or intimidated by colleagues, and do what you can to contribute at your best level.

Get Connected

You don’t have to struggle all by yourself in an office setting. Build an alliance of people who have similar personality traits as you, so that you can spend time together and develop camaraderie with your co-workers. Share an encouraging word with other introverted co-workers and build trust. Make a sincere effort to get to know people and don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. Your friend will be able to support you during meetings and may even put in a good word for you when you are looking for a promotion.

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