Referral Programs DO WORK!

We know!  We are actively seeking referrals for our positions.  For every referred candidate we place through the 1st quarter of 2015, we will provide a $100 referral bonus.  We realize our success comes for our candidates and clients!  Our Referral Program is a small way we can give back to those who help us succeed!  In addition to the referral bonus, for every candidate we place, we will make a donation to provide 216 meals through the organization “Feed My Starving Children”.

There is nothing more powerful in recruiting than having a candidate referred to you.  A candidate who is looking, but may be on more of a passive search, combined with an employee who is familiar with the skills and abilities this person can bring to your company is a superior way to have candidates surfaced for your job openings!  

Look at the advantages a Referral Program can bring to your organization:

  • Your employees become more engaged in the success of your company as they understand that attracting top talent is important to the success of the organization.
  • Although money may not be the key motivator, employees want an opportunity to help their friends.  Having a Referral Program gives these employees the ability to help others through this program.
  • By providing a template of job openings to your employees, they can easily share this information on their social networks.  Making it easy for the word to get out on social media outlets will ramp up the success of the Referral Program and surface more applicant referrals from your staff.
  • In addition, this is a quick way to get job opportunites out to colleges through your well networked employees sharing information with college friends.
  • An employee who refers a candidate, who is then hired, will have a vested interest in helping this person get acclimated and potentially mentor the new hire.  This helps the new employee get up to speed quickly in their new role.
  • Referral new hires typically have a better retention rate and often are a better culture fit.

Are you familiar with any candidates we can help?  Please forward them to us by sending their resume or profile along with your contact information to  We look forward to assisting these candidates in their job search!   Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all in the New Year!

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