Top 10 Reasons To Bring On A Temp

When trying to fill open positions in your organization this holiday season, you might be debating how long to have someone with your company. Should  you hire them in a regular full-time position? Or should you hire someone temporarily?

Consider the latter. There are many reasons to consider a temporary worker! Here are 10 of them:

  1. Congratulations – you have recognized a top employee with a promotion and need someone to backfill her old position!
  2. Great news, your company is growing!  Hire a temporary employee to help you with your growth!
  3. One of your staff members is taking a leave of absence.  A temporary employee will help to keep the work current until your staff member returns.
  4. Special Project?  Bring on a temporary employee for the special project or have a temporary employee fill in for your internal staff member who is assigned to that project.
  5. Another implementation?  You are going through an implementation and need someone to help in the process.
  6. On no!  Someone just resigned.  Bring on a temporary employee to fill in while you search for a replacement.
  7. Outstanding!  The temporary you hired to fill in for an employee who resigned has a great work ethic, works well with the team and it a star contributor.  No need to look anymore since you can bring on the person on a temporary to hire basis!
  8. Overload!  Are your employees ready to jump ship?  Be an employer of choice by getting the help your employees desperately need and hire a temporary employee to get things done.  Your employees will thank you!
  9. Seasonal work?  Hiring a temporary employee to fill in during your peak work periods helps you to be properly staffed during slower work periods.
  10. Too many open recs for hiring staff?  Bring on a temporary recruiter to help fill your positions quickly and efficiently!

We at Casey Accounting & Finance Resources can help place outstanding temporary workers with your company. Fall under one of these? Contact us today!

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